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  1. JoeRoberts

    Gems of Harbor Freight

    I've had no problem with my little bitty drill press that I got from them 5 or so years ago. I'm still in the middle of assembling the 2HP dust collector because I am adding a separator and trying to reconfigure it to take much less space. Still need to get the 1 micron bag from I haven't really gotten to use it much yet but my wife got me the spindle sander ( ) which seems to be the same as except she got it on sale and used a 20% off coupon from the back of one of my Wood Magazines Popular mechanics rated their hammer drill pretty decent recently considering the bang for the buck. My son got me this for Christmas....I don't expect great things from it, but it's nice to have a corded drill when the batteries wear down. I've also bought some real crap from them just because it was on sale..... -I threw away some universal tool stands that were just thin and poorly made. -The drill press extension table wouldn't stay put on the drill press so I kept trying to tweek it down till I pulled the T-nuts off of it. It's sitting aside to either be used as jig parts or to be modified to hang on to the table better.