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  1. A few years ago Half-Inch-Shy made a project with some challenging angles. Not the table top you are doing but perhaps his videos will supply some helpful techniques.
  2. I have a 16" Laguna ( European built ) with a brake and yes I would get a brake again if I had to replace it. And with your daughter in the shop I would consider it a must have.
  3. @Shane Jimerfield At this point I want to sell it all as a single lot - If later I find I need to sell each item individually I'll keep you in mind. And my wife is furious I'm doing this but for the moment I'm hold firm.
  4. Back issues have forced me into this. It's not safe using power tools when concentration is hampered due to pain. I doubt anyone is close enough to me to be interested but thought I would post here first anyway. I'm in southwest Oregon 20 miles from Grants Pass. Want to sell it all in one lot, not interested in selling individual items. $7500. Cash or cashier's check SawStop professional Cabinet saw, 220V, right extension, outfeed table, overarm dust collection, mobile base, Incra fence (metric & imperial racks), Incra 3000 miter (18” & 36” fences ), JessEm sliding table with 46” miter fence. Laguna 16 Band saw, 220V, break, Resaw King blade. European build on this one. Powermatic 6” jointer, 110V, 32” infeed and 32” outfeed tables PerformX 16-32 drum sander, stand, infeed and outfeed tables Delta 8” drill Press, WoodPecker table Delta 13” portable Planer, 2 speeds with stand. Router Table (WoodPecker) dust collection router enclosure, Porter-cable 75182 router, Woodpecker PRL-V2 router lift, Incra Twin-Linear fence (metric and imperial racks) Incra iBox jig Jet dust collector Leigh DR4 dove tail jig. Full set of bits Leigh FMT Pro jig - full set of bits and guides
  5. I agree with @Wdwerker. Shellac flakes are available is several shades - from very blond to ruby. I buy my flakes from
  6. Redwood is a Very soft wood so unless that finish is epoxy it will get dented with use.
  7. I'll throw in another consideration. An apple iPad Pro - I've noticed videos on YouTube about how good it is for taking class notes. Some include using Microsoft One Note for this - there is an iPad version.
  8. @Pwk5017 It is currently on sale for $400.
  9. I have the Incra fence. Their rack system reliably gets me back to the same measurement. I never need to use a ruler.
  10. Has anyone here looked into this as an alternative to Facebook? It is open source and if I understand correctly there is no advertising and they state they are mostly crowd funded. - click on the "How it works" for a 2 minute video. Edit: After spending about 15 minutes looking at it and a number of posts it seems to me that could be as open to Fake News as Facebook is. And a grand opportunity for subversive groups. No advertising seems to be the only plus. (I should point out I have never been a Facebook user but my wife is. Maybe I'm just talking through my . . .)
  11. Better not let your wife see it or it will end up in the house not the shop.
  12. The wider kerf will impact using the track. If the rubber on your track sticks out from the metal a mm or two it may work, however, if you later go back to a Festool blade you will need a new rubber. I have read some have been able to reset the rubber but for others it would not come off in one piece.
  13. I appreciate all of your comments my question. I find this one interesting as the USB port and cable on my wife's new Canon 5DS is a split configuration - the metal is compressed together about 2/3 from one side. Don't know if this is related at all. Readers are not expensive so I'll buy a USB3 one and give it a try. I'll report back on the results.
  14. I need to get a SD card reader for my wife's computer. But they all the ones I find online are listed as USB 3 and her computer is before USB 3 so only has a USB 2. Is a reader listed as USB 3 downward compatible and will it work on her computer. Thanks
  15. When I went down to feed the horses this morning there was a Western Screech Owl trapped in the chicken coop. It must have got in by a small hole at the bottom which had probably been dug out by a raccoon - I fill them in a couple times a month. We tried to get it to fly out the small door but it went into one fo the laying cubicles and did not move. Finally got it to stand on 1" square of Cherry about 4' long from the shop. Took it out and it just sat on the stick for 3 - 4 minutes.
  16. Not sure it gains anything over multiple notebooks,,46113&p=75986
  17. That is a copy of a Festool product - can't find it on web site so might be discontinued. I have one and have found it very helpful on a few occasions. But, only a few occasions.
  18. I'm here - Think I''ll take a couple more days break.
  19. My MFT is Version 1 - After a few use of the angle guide I saw it was not that accurate, took if off and never used it again. I drew layout lines on the work piece, used the Festool circular saw and guide rail - that was better. Anything needing more precision was done on the table saw. These days the holes in the MFT are used solely for clamping, so precision alignment is not important.
  20. Perhaps I'm not thinking it through enough (I'm 78) but could one use current MFT top as guide to make holes for new one?
  21. I have a WorkSharp. It does a very good job and is much faster than stones - for chisels. It seems to give as good of edge as stones but there is not a way to do a secondary bevel. I do have stones and a MK II guide but seldom use them for chisels. I also bought the plane jig for the WorkSharp but I consider it dangerous for a plane blade larger than a block plane. I tried to use it on a smoother blade once and a corner caught, spun the bade and jig and the blade gave me a nasty cut on my hand.
  22. Was to be 94% here but smoke from 90,000 acre wildfire to the southwest of us made it a disappointment. Full sun before was a bright red orb but was still to bright to look at but not bright enough to get through the eclipse glasses well. About half way through was bright enough to dimly see it through the glasses. Oh well. We are not currently threatened by fire here at main home but our beach place in Brookings Oregon is just outside the evacuation area and there is no containment yet. We check the fire maps a couple times a day - whatever happens, happens.
  23. I may be wrong, but I'm not sure I would want the salt laden sawdust in - on my power tools. Others here probably have more experience than I, hopefully they will comment.
  24. Since the the dominos fit quite tightly in the mortice my assumption is it must be a 4mm radius since the domino bit has a 4mm radius.