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  1. There are many that have had problems with the Apple Mail app under El Capitan IF you use a POP mail server. Exchange servers and things like Gmail have no problems. I use a mail service that uses POP servers for my domain. Apple mail does not work any longer under El Capitan. I have converted to Air Mail 2 with no problems - it is available through the App Store.
  2. Was this photo take with 4 x 5 film or digital camera? I like this photo a lot but will be even more impressed if you did your own color film processing. My wife did that many years ago and I always wondered it was worth the effort - until the pictures were hanging on the wall.
  3. I think this conversation qualifies for entry in the Ignoble awards.
  4. Never did until this post, only did it to respond to the post - - - BUT look out Mark, now you're on notice here. We will be sure to poke you occasionally on this, it is our duty as a member of this community.
  5. Interesting idea but do not see it fitting in my work methods - - But I sure would like one of those pencils, anyone know brand or where to get a couple?
  6. I agree - is fuzzy. Almost looks like a screen capture from a low resolution screen.
  7. or else where. . . watch the video
  8. Just wondering how many here are in areas that experiencing considerable smoke from the wildfires here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm in southwest Oregon and although there are no fires near we have had visibility of about a mile for a week.
  9. I had 8 very large Madrones stolen from the back of my property near end of April this year. Based on amount of chain saw chips and other waste still on ground they cut it into rounds and split it for fire wood. Largest tre was about 36" in diameter. They got up to the ridge using a forest service fire access road. Bob, what is Madrone bark use for?
  10. I tried making some measurements on the photo and ratio an estimate form given dimensions. I think the legs are 1 3/4". To 2". At bottom and about 1" at top. I like the bench but think it would be better with the stretchers between the bottom leg rail were same wood as the legs.
  11. Mike, It is the photo on the last page of the Gilpinoid Leg article. I have no idea what the wood might be.
  12. i bought one 15+ years ago and no longer use it - found that a piece of plate glass and wet/dry sand paper does a better job.
  13. Damn, you're even more in remote wilderness than I am. welcome to the forum.
  14. i use mine on the left (also have SawStop) primarily because it just seemed natural to me. With the SawStop it is possible to hit off switch with your knee when using the it on the left.
  15. i have some Sandalwood, your photo does not look like it but the photo white balance is off so i'm not sure. Run a hand plane across it- if it is sandalwood the absolutely wonderful oder will let you know.
  16. One of Marc's guild builds was a Greene & Greene influenced Adirondack chair - you might want to take a look at it.
  17. There is an excellent article on spraying in the new issue of Fine Woodworking. (No. 248, Aug 2015)
  18. I have one of these,42936,50298,44836 Works well and is much cheaper.
  19. Great save - if you are lucky the client will see how much better wood is over plastic and you will get a contract to do all the other doors.
  20. I use this Lee Valley saddle square,42936,50298,44836 works well for me and have never felt the need for one with three sides, If I need the other side marked I just turn it
  21. Maybe I'm not reading what you said correctly but I infer you used it for a couple hours before connecting the dust collector. If that is the case perhaps the path from the blades to the port is plugged.
  22. Thanks, did not remember I had an ID in addition to using email address. That worked.
  23. Got the email about the new video but when I went to the site I can not log in. It just erases what I enter and re-presents the log in form.