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  1. I have a Resaw King and really like it. Sanding after a resaw cut is necessary - generally 1/64 to 1/32 is enough to smooth and remove any drift problem. I use a drum sander.
  2. Sent "happy Pi day" message to my 13 year old grandson - am pleased he knew what it is.
  3. Damn, if I built that there is no way my wife would let me store scuba or any other "gear" in it. It would go in the house for her use. Great job.
  4. here is information on the Eucalyptus in California. Here is the bad news from the article it was found that the trees were too young to make suitable wood; the young wood had an irregular grain and it bent, cracked, and shrank when dried. It is true that eucalyptus trees from Australia could make good timber, but those trees were decades or sometimes centuries old. It was soon found that eucalyptus trees would need to be at least 75 or 100 years old for good lumber. The young wood didn’t even make useable fence posts or railroad track ties, both of which decayed rapidly.
  5. Band saw for sure. I to have a 6" jointer and have often wished for 8. But if I did not already have a band saw I would get one rather than wider jointer.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I agree 100% on the MAC as a good option but am sure he can not afford the premium cost. Will pas on the HP comments to him.
  7. My son lives in CanCun and is needing a laptop for online college he has signed up for. At 75 I have not really followed what's out there today. So I would appreciate reliable brand and model suggestions you may have. He will buy it down there and does not have the skills or knowledge to build or trust someone there to build up so it needs to be a brand name. There requirements from the University are: 2 GHz or faster processor 4GB or more RAM 80GB or larger hard drive Cable/DSL or better connection 1024x768 or greater resolution monitor and supporting video card Sound card with speakers Inkjet or laser printer Microphone A web camera capable of video web conferencing, and web editing software A DVD/CD-ROM drive may be needed to install software
  8. Be cautious of emails you get that appear to be from PayPal. My wife got one this morning, She does not have a PayPal account so had me look at it - Although the links all looked like PayPal they were actually directing to something else.
  9. I agree - Tom is a Classic
  10. What part of Oregon? I'm 20 south west of Grants Pass.
  11. This American Life is available as a free Podcast.
  12. Post where you are - perhaps there is a member here near you that can resaw it for you.
  13. Spent two years in the Peace Corps using one of those. Not really that bad after 3-4 months when your legs stop cramping and you can easily stand up again.
  14. My first question is why they are coming to you with a picture of something they like. I suspect that most think it will be cheaper than buying from the origin and everyone here knows that is not the case so once you give a price they will not buy anyway. For those that have a picture of something they like but do not know where to buy my suggestion would be to to discuss in depth what features they like and then come up with your own design the incorporates most of those features but with your personal twist.
  15. And then there is the Bridge City Tool Works adjustable square for those of you that might desire to spend even more money.
  16. Glen Huey, 360 Woodworking, did a short blog post on SawStop's upcoming job site saw -
  17. If you like House of Cards - look up the original British version it is equally good. It is/was also available on Netflix.
  18. Just watched Framework on Spike. Thought it was really poor - did not show any woodworking. Will not watch again.
  19. There is no way I could drop my DirecTV. My wife is a huge Soccer fan and watches most of the European teams. I even subscribe to the Spanish channels so she can watch Barcelona and Real Madrid when they are not also broadcast in english. (No she does not speak Spanish but for soccer that is not really a problem.) When she goes to see children or friends she has complained about missing an important Barcelona game. SO - - - does anyone here have a SlingBox and if so what do you think of it.
  20. Same here - the only thing close to woodworking that is carried by the local PBS station is This Old House.
  21. Nobody would ever find me from my map - it shows a blue dot and the road that runs near my property. My zip is not in my profile but my town is. Can't seem to zoom out so the town does not show either. I live here - so I guess I should not be surprised.
  22. I have the same Sawstop setup as the OP. I leave the guard on for almost all cuts including miter cuts, primarily for the improved dust collection. I also have a Grripper which I purchased soon after they were introduced - It get used on narrower rips, 70mm and less, and the guard comes off for those. Do not really see the need for two Grrippers.
  23. iPhone 4 IOS 7.1 AT&T no problems with this forum OOPS - just realized was using my WiFi guess this does not help.
  24. I'm curious - since the cost of local storage is so low why do some of you store your photos on a cloud service?
  25. End of day, very tired, considerable pain from back problem. Started to leave but decided to make the last rip cut - Wham, kick back. Lost a testicle. Few weeks before I was back in the shop. Up side, my wife was worried about what stupid thing I would do next and insisted I get a Saw Stop.