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  1. I was looking for something like this! Thanks!
  2. mhein68

    shaker step stool

    I Love those benches! great job! I guess I'll have to break down and buy T-macs video and plans!!! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I'd say your church will be proud to have this.. Nice.
  4. Hey all, I don't know if this is the right forum to post.. so I apologize if not... Is anyone else really having problems with Wood Magazines website?? I see people complaining and others saying it works fine... I got an email newsletter today and they have links to some really cool storage ideas.. when you try opening a larger plan or photo it doesnt work or its too small to read the words in the plan... In amongst all this they have a link that says they will sell you plans for this project.. Am I wrong or this a kinda bait deal???? I guess the email doesnt say "free project plan" but that the assumption.. I was listening to the woodtalk podcast today (great job btw guys! ) and they were touching on the subject of woodworking web sites.. what gives??? Can we not get a web site that has great info and works?? Kinda like Marcs, Matts and Shannons!! (sorry that was butt smoochin!) Anyway.. any other opinions???
  5. ppps sorry palm people if making apps was my full time job I would get something made for you, but again no plans to make one
  6. mhein68

    My Shop

    That is so cool that you still have a piece of your family history.. I wish I had my great-grandfathers shop still...Darn I wish I had pictures of it! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Hey all, I am looking for someone willing to share some Shaker patterns.. I am relatively new and I love shaker design so I am looking for some projects and I havent made it to any shaker places to take detail pics... I am looking for Shaker clothes hanger patterns, Clothes Pin patterns and other shaker patterns you would be willing to share.. I am willing to pay for postage to have them sent to me.. Thanks for any help with this... Mike
  8. Happy Birthday Shannon and many more!! I love the "Renaissance Woodworker"!!!
  9. I think it looks great.. I like the top... Nice grain and color..
  10. Hey all, Does anyone know of a free copy of a downloadable program to do what this web site does? I am getting along with learning SketchUp and the cutlist on it but for entering dimensions for a project and calculating board foot this works great!! .. I want to have a downlodable to work on a laptop or customize on pc if need be... Any ideas.. Didnt Marc S.(aka W.W) have a downloadable program? Thanks for any help!
  11. I like the McFeelys mixed 5lb box of screws. They are kinda cool to get.. They have alot of different screws to try out.. They only have then every once in a while so you have to watch for them...
  12. Hey all, My name is Mike and I am new here..(together--"Hi Mike"). I live in a small town Evansville about an hour south of St. Louis Mo. I am a novice woodworker.. I come from a family of woodworkers... I am really into Shaker style and have plans to start my furniture building with a shaker saturday table or side table.. I need to squirrel some money aside for some cherry lumber.. I hope to learn alot here and am open to any questions.. Thanks!