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  1. Ive had great luck thru craigs list especially with woodworking tools. Dont hesitate list it. If you list it with a good price it will be gone quick. One thing though I always try to meet at a local gas station if possible that way i dont have strangers coming to my house. If thats not possible i at least try to speak to them on the phone before they come- this is not bullet proof but its a step to get you more comfortable you never know how you could be dealing with.
  2. Chet- That is a really sweet built in you did! I have to ask how long did that take? Not including planning stage. Build time= install time= You should be proud! Im currently in a woodworking funk where I cant get my mojo back for 9 months now I havent picked up a tool!!! Hope it comes back seeing this sure has got me thinking again! Thanks for sharing,
  3. FWIW I just had my cedar lap sided house done a year ago with a sherwin wiliams product.I think pro-scape was the line. Very happy so far however it was not the cheapist stuff out there. I also know sikkins products are very good as well.
  4. I know several people who built their own homes all of which worked in the trades and knew most of the guys on the job. Don't go the menards route instead talk to a reputable manufactured home dealer nearby. I have seen some really nice custom kit homes delivered and assembled on site way faster and cheaper than stick built homes but you will find even this route isn't that much cheaper. In the end you will be happier with the finished product. Of course you could always go the fixer upper route but that gets old however that's the route i went. 9 years later on my second home and im almost done getting it where i want it. WISH U LUCK!!!!
  5. I have also wondered how basement woodworkers keep from blowing the house up or pissing the wife off with all the dust! I remember seeing a post on Matts basement workshop where their were foot prints leaving his shop up the stairs and well you know. Other than the dust thing I think it would be nice though. Its all about dust collection baby!
  6. That thing would be hanging in my living room!!! Really nice work. You should be very proud.
  7. I went tot this show three ? years ago in shaumburg il. and was very dissapointed. Seemed like a tool sale more than anything else. It was disorganized at best. They had guys doing demos with chairs set up as if it was in a classroom however it was out in the middle of the main floor and you could barely hear the poor demonstrator. I have heard they are trying to make this show better so maybe Ill give it a try.
  8. jimmykx250

    Tool Cabinet

    Nice work, and quite a bit done for a weekend!
  9. What does the stuff cost and what is the consistency like? Thanks Jim
  10. Wow that seems like a great deal. Please post a review if you get one. I just sold a disk/belt sander combo but it was an old desktop model and i had one hell of a time getting the belt to run true. It kept running off so i sold it. I bought it used for a steal and sold it for what i paid for it so no big loss. But I do think these are really useful in the shop! If they work?!?!
  11. Josh- Keep it up!! 3 years for me as of last Christmas after smoking for 22 years. You wont regret leaving it behind. It's all good my man stick with it. No doubt it will be tough at times but don't give in. I still smell them sometimes and they smell good but then i think it's just not worth it. I have kids i want to see grow up and I want want to be here for them. Don't give up you can do it!!!!!!
  12. Due to this lovely recession we cant seem to climb out of America is having one huge garage sale for the last few years. Keep your eyes peeled and dont settle but you will find what your looking for eventually.
  13. Please review the traffic you get from enrollment. I have inquired to several local members and no reply at all. Makes me wonder if it's worth it.