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  1. Thanks for all of the feedback. Yes, it did come with a nicker, but i did not realizise that it might need to be sharpened. I will try the 25 degree angle with a micro bevel on the plane blade.
  2. I recently bought a Stanley 78 style plane. It looks to be clean and complete with most of the original finish. The blade is dull, and in need of sharpening. Do I sharpen it at 25 degrees? Is there any tricks to sharpening this style of plane blade? Thanks
  3. Has anyone had any experience with Franmar Soy paint stripper? I have read that it is relatively non toxic and doesn’t smell bad. I need to strip a set of Newel post and stair balusters. Since these are inside my house both qualities are important. This product is sold at Rockler or woodcraft, and it is not cheap, so I was hoping that someone might have some experience with it, good or bad. Thanks in advance for any insight that you can offer.
  4. Beautiful work. The back is a pretty as the front.
  5. I have an old set of Sheffield Marples and they have served me well. They were also inexpensive.
  6. I have an osborne and like it very much.
  7. I buy every issue of FWW, and I subscribe to popular woodworking. I will buy other magazines individually if they have something that I am interested in. I have to agree with the above post that shop notes can make a simple jig into an expensive work of art. I will also note that some issues of both magazines are less interesting than others.
  8. Thanks for taking the time for the review. I am looking for a new rip blade and this might make my decision easier.
  9. I bought one set for myself and two for Christmas gifts for my brother in laws. I have not had the chance to try them out yet.
  10. I was at my favorite Lowes picking up some items for the Honey Do List earlier this week. Every trip to Lowes requires a trip through the tool department to satisfy my tool fetish and addiction. I was checking out the new miter saw from Bosch, and in the same row was CMT dado blades,marked down from $95.00 to $35.00. I have never used CMT blades, but I really like the router bits they make. The item number is P08012 , eight inch blades. I don't think these blades will compete with Forest or other really high end dado blades, but 35 dollars is a pretty low price of admission. For disclosure purposes, I do not work for Lowes or CMT.
  11. I subscribe to Popular woodworking. I found the recent articles on Historical Nailed furniture interesting, as I thought that all "Historical furniture" was put together with amazing fancy joinery. Just my two cents...
  12. Mike Brown

    CLR it!

    Evapo Rust is also available at Auto-Zone, and other Auto parts stores. Great stuff for rusty tools.
  13. I have a worksharp and the wide blade holder and have been happy with both. I looked into the knife sharpener, and found there are two made by the parent company.One attaches to the work sharp and the other has it own motor.They cost about the same so I bought the all in one kit rather then the one that attaches to the worksharp 300. I really like it as well.
  14. Very nice. I like the slight contrast with the locust lid and the walnut bowl.Great work
  15. Mike Brown


    When my son was in cub scouts, our den made bird houses, and tool totes with hand tools. It was fun.