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  1. The tub pictured here is what I assembled for a customer a few years ago,, I am using this as a guide for my own design. It implemented the cvg western red cedar and the canoe joint, the bottom was rabbited into the 2x6 - 48" tall staves and secured outside with the SS banding. I have easy access to white oak that is 3/4 thick and considering the attempt to fabricate the tub with this material, I have a concern if the oak would be strong enough in that thickness and I realize that my stave to bottom joint depth would on
  2. Thats ok, the other day I saw a worker using the table saw to rip strips of plaster board to fit in smaller areas. I don't want to be around when the motor fails soon. So using a hand plane to shape drywall is minor indulgence.
  3. You are right on target with these thanks so much. I have been researching cost of materials. I have been quoted prices of $6 plus dollars for c and better western red cedar in 2x6 per lf. I am thinking that maybe I could use white oak instead as the material costs are substantially less for that here in Wisconsin.
  4. yes you have described the joint as i have seen it...
  5. Hi folks, I am considering taking on the construction of an outdoor cedar hot tub. I want to build it using a joint that I have seen in use by kits I have assembled. The joint is called a canoe joint and it is used on 2x6 edges. I looked online to purchase a shaper/router bit set to achieve this joint and have only found ones that have smaller radius than i require for my staves. Any help you can provide in a source for this bit set would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Jerry