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  1. If you need to level it you can add finish into the void and build it up, since it is WB you will need to make sure the area is clean and try to give it some tooth to hold. Build the finish up (above the level of the other finish) and let it dry, it will die back when it cures. You can use a card scraper to level the patch and remove the excess flush with th surrounding areas so you don't need to sand as much. Repeat as many times as necessary until it is flush. Then apply a final coat once the patch has fully cured.
  2. My son does both. Etsy is relatively easy and reasonable. Shipping rates are very reasonable. Setting shipping rates for different items is very easy. Squarespace is great, you can embed your store on your website, but it does take a little work. Shipping is not as easy to figure out if you have a wide range of goods to ship. Why not try both and see which platform works best for you? Don't have any expectations when you start. Regarding Etsy exposure, at a recent art festival we were approached by a large scale buyer who followed my sons work on Etsy. We'll see where that leads
  3. Craig


    Buy a Sony, some of their units have 480hz but not sure if it's actually 480 or some achieved effect. In two years the 4k will drop in price, then you can have both. I have a Sony now and will probably buy another one for my basement.My LCD one has been great. My Father in Law purchased a newer higher end Samsung and they come over to watch all of the Broncos games because our picture is better. Also check Consumer Reports for best buy and how the brands rate for repairs.
  4. I have a 12" deep out feed on my TS the width of my top and use the Ridgig out feed supports when needed. The short out feed meets my needs about 90% of the time.
  5. Check out the Amana Prestige. The 10" 40T are a good all purpose blade.
  6. I recommend the Festool rail and drilling set. I have had them both for quite a while. Before that I made a jig similar to MEG products jig drilled for a bushing on my plunge router so I could use different size plunge bits depending on the size of hardware I needed to insert. It had holes drilled for metal pins for the euro offsets from the edge. It worked very well, I made it out of 1/2" Baltic birch plywood. If I recall, I had it set up for 32mm spacing for the shelf pins.
  7. I have the Supergrind 2000. After the initial grinding and flattening of my straight blades, I use Norton water stones for regular sharpening..I use my tormek primarily for my turning tools
  8. After a day and half recovery I'll be working on cleaning up the shop with my son. It took us 2 hours on Wednesday to clear a path to get the snow blower out for the snow forecasted. The shop is a disaster with my son, daughter and myself working out there for the past 12 weeks of my son and daughter keeping up with the craft fairs and custom orders. I also have 12 walnut logs we have to turn into turning blanks during the cleanup. Most are limbs so we can't make lumber out of them.
  9. My father in law ordered an NCO sword for himself this year. I'm not sure which company it was from but their display was more of a shadow box with felt lining. After the Holidays we will be making one for him with an area to display his medals. Semper Fi
  10. I've only used real leather, the recess is slightly less than the thickness of the leather, it will shrink when it dries from contact with water in the adhesive. Wallpaper paste is recommended for the leather.
  11. I purchased the PJ-882 on sale and intended on upgrading to a Helical cutter. 5 years later I still have the straight knives installed and don't see a need to upgrade. It's a great jointer.
  12. Craig

    Tape Measures

    I like the fat max and the Lee Valley cabinet makers tapes. If your looking for accuracy use only 1 tape and reference from that one tape measure. A story stick for your project will also help with accuracy.
  13. I've used the 1/4" from Highland WW. They are decent blades. They are not woodslicer blades. I've had great service from HWW. Since I purchased a Laguna SUV I have purchased primarily Laguna blades. My local woodcraft carries a great stock of the length Sizes I need and has sales which bring the cost inline with other blades. I've also tried Olson blades , but I prefer the Laguna blades. I hear good things about Lennox, but have not used any of their wood blades. I usually keep a 1/4" blade on my saw for daily use and change blades when I need to depending upon what I am working
  14. Todd is giving a lot of great advice. I recommend reading thru it a few times. Start out with a few products, listen to the feedback at craft fairs, and adjust what you make and the price point at which you can sell. Find something unique you can batch out easily with a decent profit margin. My oldest son started making a few things last fall for our Church's craft fair ( 13 at the time ) , he ended up in two holiday craft stores selling about 10 different items. In one store he could only sell 3 items so he wouldn't compete with one of the paying crafters ( space was donated, so
  15. What size of sander are you looking at and what type of tasks do you want to perform on the sander?