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  1. A welders wire brush can do wonders on the exposed surfaces that are not jointed.
  2. Seal the ends well. Cherry has a tendancy to check.
  3. Walnut, Cherry, Osage Orange
  4. I've seen at my local hardwood dealer, thermal poplar. Nice dark color and very economical. It would be perfect for dark internal parts If you didn't want to stain them. The store owner was making coffee tables out of it that looked very nice too.
  5. Walnut and Osage Orange. They get better as they age.
  6. Andy Cloud

    A box to store my personal stuff

    This was a quick little project to test out some lumber I have been air drying. For the first time I fell some trees and had them milled at the Amish sawmill. Two cherry logs, 3 walnut logs and 1 Hickory. I kid you not, my bill for the saw job was $63.00 and a few sticks of summer sausage. I almost felt bad. It was stickered in the loft of a corn crib and had excellent air circulation. Nine months and it seems ready to go, so this was my experiment to see. I quick planed the lumber and gave it two weeks in the shop and then planed to final dimension. This sets on the dresser next to my bed and is a place to put mu personal items, wallet, phone, pocket knife, etc. I have never made anything with natural edge before and am not really fond of that style. But I thought I would give it a try. I really like it on this piece, but probably won't ever do it on a large project. Anywho, the case is cherry, the drawer front's are walnut, and the drawers are hickory. It is finished in tung oil only. I was getting ready to matte arm-r-seal it and my wife said "Don't touch it any more!" So that's how it sits at this point and I'll see how it ages. I'll probably sneak some wax on it when she's not looking.
  7. Andy Cloud

    Morris Chair

    This is a Morris chair I built out of reclaimed Oak lumber from a barn build in 1899. I left some of the nail holes just for fun.
  8. Andy Cloud

    Greene and Greene inspired Wall clock

    This is one of my first projects. It is a Greene and Greene style wall clock made with Bubinga, spalted maple, and cocobolo accents.
  9. Walnut, Cherry, Osage Orange.
  10. Walnut, cherry, and Osage Orange.