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  1. Does anybody know where Jet Machines are made? I was planning on purchasing one and wonder if there is the same issue.
  2. Firehawk

    I'm building a shop!

    Hi, Just curious does the metal sheeting substitute for a vapor barrier? I did the same ceiling in my shop and added one. I am now wondering if it was unnecessary.
  3. Firehawk

    Lathe Reccomendations

    I went with the Jet 1640EVS as Jet just had their 10% off sale.
  4. Firehawk

    Lathe Reccomendations

    I want to get into turning. I am interested in doing everything from bowls to table legs. With a budget of $2500 what lathe would you recommend?
  5. Firehawk

    Unique Round Table

    Very nice!
  6. Firehawk

    Festool Connect

    Hi All, Is anyone going to Festool Connect in Lebanon, IN tomorrow?
  7. Firehawk

    Warped Door on a Wardrobe

    How thick are the doors? I was thinking you might be able to put euro hinges on the warped door to adjust it to improve how it closes. You could leave the current hinges on and disconnect them from the cabinet.
  8. Firehawk

    Warped Door on a Wardrobe

    I would put a latch on the inside of the upper part of the warped door to hold it closed. You would open the other door first and then reach inside and unlatch it to open the warped door.
  9. Firehawk

    Voiding the Warranty

    Luckily I purchased the warranty for my HF dust collector. The first one lasted 6 months! I'm on 4 years plus on the second one!
  10. I have a 36 mm festool hose on my boom arm. I would like a way to use this with both my tracksaw and sanders. Does anyone know of an adapter that works for this? Thanks, Mark
  11. Do a YouTube search for Chad Stanton. He has many projects that can be done without power tools. Also look for the I can do that series. I believe it is from Popular Woodworking.
  12. Firehawk

    Baltic Birch vs Phenolic - Shop Furniture

    No specific experience, was just concerned about the description. Although seeing that its 11 ply, its likely better than I thought.
  13. Firehawk

    Baltic Birch vs Phenolic - Shop Furniture

    I think you would be extremely disappointed with the phenolic! Reading the description it's intended use is for concrete forms. I do not believe the quality of this would be very good for shop furniture.
  14. Firehawk

    Purple Heart and Maple Computer Desk.

    Just curious, did you consider making it so it would not self destruct? Would if have been possible to glue the top up with the grain all running the same direction? I wonder how others on the board would have approached this problem. Veneer maybe?
  15. Firehawk

    Hanging Rack

    I recently saw this picture on Facebook and thought it would be fun to make one. Does anybody know what these are called or where to find build plans? Thanks, Mark