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    I like Greene and Greene but need more basic build experience.
  1. Has anybody looked at the MrCool mini splits? They are designed for DIY installations. The lines come precharged and are sealed until you connect them.
  2. Batfish - I'm putting a 6' picture window and two regular windows in the back wall. The front of the garage faces east. I'm limited to 100 amp line coming off my house panel. What's the blocking for? Sjeff70 - thanks. He's a great dog. Hopefully a few more years left in him.
  3. Thanks Vic. Lot to digest there. I'll check out the other web pages you recommended. I don't have natural gas but I'm trying to decide between everything electric or an electric/propane blend of utilities. When I started crunching the numbers for all electric I quickly ran out of power for the "shop" tools. I have a 100amp line split off my home for the garage. This is assuming I'm calculating power consumption properly! Lol. Thanks again. To be continued...
  4. Hello Vic Thank you so much for offering your time and expertise to all of us. It means a lot. I'm in the process of starting to build a 2.5 car detached garage with a small apartment above located in NYC area. I will be using the garage as a year round shop (yay!). I have been going round and round with heating/cooling options. I have read thru this entire thread and a few others in this forum. Since I'm building this shop from scratch, and my sister will be living upstairs, I want it done right. I wouldn't say cost is NO object but I'm a firm believer in paying for quality. With that bein
  5. Hello again! Sorry for the delay in posting anything but the shop build is...delayed! Between the 15 degree weather NYC area had in January, and the consistent below-freezing temps since, the footings never got poured. So I have a nice square hole on my property that is slowly getting filled in with snow and mud. Yay. On top of that my dog Buddy (that's him in my avatar pic) was in really bad shape and needed heart surgery. So the shop-build funds took a bit of a hit. But as soon as the temps come up a hit, the mason and I are ready to go. And Buddy is doing fine and recuperating Tr
  6. Monday the mason comes to start on the footings.
  7. and some more. I can't believe how quickly an excavator and a chainsaw can transform an unimproved area! Anybody need some firewood!? I can see a lot more blue sky now.
  8. here are some more pics of the site as the week went on. I had about 10 trees that needed to come down, 3 of them about 80' oak trees. I bitched about taking them down, but finally relented to find one of them hollow in the center! Can't believe that didn't come down during the hurricane.
  9. Driveway leading up to site.
  10. No layout set in stone yet. I have some ideas for location of wood storage, table saw, etc. Once I can get into the frame and get a feel for the space I'll start making some decisions. No boat
  11. Hello all! After 5 years of working in my mom's basement, and 2 years after buying my house, I've bit the bullet and started building my stand alone workshop (detached garage if you ask my wife)! I'll try and keep the post up to date as the build progress' (sp?). I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions and I welcome any recommendations or questions from the community. Wish me luck!
  12. Hey Marc! I know that your entire business model is based on the online education but have you ever considered doing one on one or one on few classes in person? I'm sure many of us would like o be taught by the "master". We've come to trust you and your style of teaching. Would you personalize the experience? I saw you're teaching at William Ng's school, but I was thinking a beginner woodworking class or something that can reach out to new woodworkers. Maybe offer the class with students in your shop as an online video class? Just wondering'. Thanks for all your work. You've made me want t