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  1. Although we do not sell the actual plans, Products Ameica, Inc ( has all of the metal hardware kits that you will need to build that crib. From the Rockler plans,, or plans of your own- we can help you!!!
  2. You can also get the high chair hardware at Products America. They also have extremely nice maple and cherry high chair trays. Hope this helps. and for the person interested in building a crib.
  3. Curious as to how the crib build went. Post some pics
  4. Sorry no one has replied. I just joined the forum today and I would suggest Rockler for the plans. I actually work for the company, Products America, that furnishes them with most of their metal hardware for the kits that they sell. We have mattress springs, crib rods, fastener kits, etc. Good luck and congratulations!
  5. Hello. I am Hudgemo from Tennessee and I am an associate for Products America and am interested in finding out how many of you have actually used any of our products and also to find out how we could be of better service to you, the craftsman. This is a great site for us in order to get your feedback.