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  1. capnjack2

    Cordless circular saw

    I agree with you guys, especially about just getting a new saw. I really like my old one-it's sooooo lightweight! And I just strapped in a Ryobi lithium battery. Used a Velcro strap and it stayed in. I removed the battery afterwards. I may just get the Ryobi saw, not the Ridgid, as I posted earlier.
  2. capnjack2

    Cordless circular saw

    Thanks for the replies, folks. I've been using an 18v battery and no ill effects so far. But I won't push it. I'll pull the trigger on a new Ridgid combo soon, I think. Jack
  3. capnjack2

    Cordless circular saw

    Hey, All! Haven't posted often here but I always love the advice of fellow woodworkers and tradesmen. I have a cordless circular saw which I bought years ago. It's a Craftsman 14.4 volt NiCd. Needless to say, the batteries are shot now and I'd like to upgrade. They don't make a 14.4 volt Li-ion battery for Craftsman (do they?) and I wondered if I could buy an 18 volt and remove cells. Then, how to charge?! Any advice would be appreciated. jack
  4. capnjack2

    Six Pack

    Made this as a last minute gift. A few scraps of oak and some waterbased stain. Done in an afternoon!
  5. capnjack2

    First Aid Kits

    Funny. I just went to the dollar store today to make up a kit. Band aids, neosporin and tweezers. Total: $3.00 plus tax. I alreadyalready have alcohol and a magnifying glass on hand.
  6. I bought this for $99 a few years ago. I don't know why it was THAT inexpensive since they still sell them for $249. As knotscott said, the router is adjustable above the table, self-locking collet, etc and has a fair amount of power. The only thing I can tell you is that you will need a router plate because the height adjustment is near the outside edge of the unit. Jack
  7. capnjack2

    Wood shop accident (funny)

    But worth a try!!
  8. capnjack2

    Pedistal 1

    Beautiful finish!!
  9. capnjack2

    Entertainment Center (With Wine Racks)

    13 feet long x 8.5 feet tall
  10. capnjack2

    Padauk of Earl

    That's really good coffee!
  11. capnjack2

    Staining carved recess help

    They sell those paint pens in craft stores and hardware stores, too. They are great. Jack
  12. capnjack2

    Embarrassing case of shrinkage

    The table is finished with a couple of coats of Osmo Polyx Oil. Is it evenly finished, top and bottom?
  13. capnjack2

    My first cutting board

    Made from reclaimed maple (somebody was throwing away a futon!) with a cherry base. Based off a plan in Woodsmith Magazine.
  14. capnjack2

    Cutting a Golf Ball

    Nine iron
  15. capnjack2

    First Cutting Board!

    Finally made my wife a cutting board. I based it on the cutting board in Woodsmith Magazine but I didn't include the knife drawer. I got the maple top from a curbside futon frame and the cherry base I saved from the woodpile. Oiled every day for a week, every week for a month, etc. She LOVES IT! Jack http://s886.photobuc.../Cutting Board/