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  1. I agree with you guys, especially about just getting a new saw. I really like my old one-it's sooooo lightweight! And I just strapped in a Ryobi lithium battery. Used a Velcro strap and it stayed in. I removed the battery afterwards. I may just get the Ryobi saw, not the Ridgid, as I posted earlier.
  2. Thanks for the replies, folks. I've been using an 18v battery and no ill effects so far. But I won't push it. I'll pull the trigger on a new Ridgid combo soon, I think. Jack
  3. Hey, All! Haven't posted often here but I always love the advice of fellow woodworkers and tradesmen. I have a cordless circular saw which I bought years ago. It's a Craftsman 14.4 volt NiCd. Needless to say, the batteries are shot now and I'd like to upgrade. They don't make a 14.4 volt Li-ion battery for Craftsman (do they?) and I wondered if I could buy an 18 volt and remove cells. Then, how to charge?! Any advice would be appreciated. jack
  4. capnjack2

    Six Pack

    Made this as a last minute gift. A few scraps of oak and some waterbased stain. Done in an afternoon!
  5. Funny. I just went to the dollar store today to make up a kit. Band aids, neosporin and tweezers. Total: $3.00 plus tax. I alreadyalready have alcohol and a magnifying glass on hand.
  6. I bought this for $99 a few years ago. I don't know why it was THAT inexpensive since they still sell them for $249. As knotscott said, the router is adjustable above the table, self-locking collet, etc and has a fair amount of power. The only thing I can tell you is that you will need a router plate because the height adjustment is near the outside edge of the unit. Jack
  7. capnjack2

    Pedistal 1

    Beautiful finish!!
  8. They sell those paint pens in craft stores and hardware stores, too. They are great. Jack
  9. The table is finished with a couple of coats of Osmo Polyx Oil. Is it evenly finished, top and bottom?
  10. capnjack2

    My first cutting board

    Made from reclaimed maple (somebody was throwing away a futon!) with a cherry base. Based off a plan in Woodsmith Magazine.
  11. Finally made my wife a cutting board. I based it on the cutting board in Woodsmith Magazine but I didn't include the knife drawer. I got the maple top from a curbside futon frame and the cherry base I saved from the woodpile. Oiled every day for a week, every week for a month, etc. She LOVES IT! Jack http://s886.photobuc.../Cutting Board/