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  1. A True Professional wood worker is just as concerned about what cannot be seen as they are as to what will be seen...
  2. Ok, here is a really good example of someone who is really cursed with the my syndrom! See if you can count how many times he says the word my!
  3. Actually Ya know is not very good english cause we (dont) know also thats going to make you sound like a brainless teenager!
  4. Instead of saying I think, it would be better to say I am thinking or I am considering which gives more of the impression that you are attempting to better comprehend and understand the subject in question.
  5. I think the reason it may not bother most people is that they are not aware of it as Iam I cant even turn on the television with out having to hear it and when you hear it day after dad non stop on every channel on every show you watch it gets very old very fast it does not bother me that much when people use it in there personal life but mostly on tv.
  6. Well what ever it is called there is a lot of people that have it! in fact I dare anyone to watch any tv show ( there choice) and I bet they cant find a single tv show that does not have atleast one (My) in it!
  7. What is the my syndrome? This is something I notice a quite a while back watching the new Yankee workshop I notice that Norm could not do a show with out letting people know beyond the shadow of all doubt, That this belongs to him such as to make certain everyone knew that it was his, For example he would say I am going to use MY Hammer or MY Screw Driver and nearly all shows he did he had to make certain he got the word My in. Then I begin to notice this on a lot of other shows People cannot talk with out getting the Word (MY) in a sentence, Especially in wood working shows I mean what is it. are these people so subconscious afraid that someone is going to run up and take there hammer away they have to imply ownership to let people know it" theirs, I mean it has gotten so ridiculous people are now saying I am going to make (My Mark) What is wrong with simply saying I am going to use a hammer, what is this over whelming desire to express ownership if you sit back a re watch all your old wood working shows and pay very close attentions to all your other TV shows your begin to see what I mean, To me it is a major turn off, I get tired of listening to this (MY MY MY) To me people are acting like some little kids when there suppose to be mature adults.