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  1. 2 years ago I purchased the Trend AirShield Pro and still consider it to be the best PAPR for the dollars. I could not get used to the distortion that the Triton facesheld caused, the Trend does not distort. So I am a fan of the Trend, and outfitted mine with earmuffs, extra batteries, etc. It's comfortable to wear, well balanced and has good battery life. In the last year or so I've made some very good buys on 3M respirators and now own a 3M AirStream and two 3m Breathe Easy units that my wife and I share. Now that I've got the 3M units I'm selling the Trend. If anyone i
  2. You can't go wrong with the 46-460. My wife loves hers.
  3. You can also get a 1-1/8 - 8 RH/LH adapter for the OneWay Talon chuck. It's a smaller chuck than the Stronghold but in my opinion a fine size for a 16" swing. I have lathes that use 1x8 and 1.25x8 threads, and two Talons, each with the two size adapters. I've used a sindle adapter to step down my 1.25x8 thread to 1x8 but do that under duress only when the chuck needs to be moved between different spindle size machines set up for different operations. I generally just like to install the correct insert into the chuck. So, getting the correct chuck adapter would be my first purchas
  4. I've used it to help restore old bench planes. It does a great job. It can be hard to find locally though. Strangely enough, an unlikely source: Harbor Freight stores carry the product.
  5. Mac, I rarely ever see any material in the plastic bag. The separator is very efficient. I haven't had to clean the bag filter yet... I might switch to a Wynn filter one of these days. I have a pleated filter on the DC in the other room of my shop.
  6. I did mine about 18 months ago, which may have inspired your #3 guy. Here's a web page where I describe the setup and have some notes about why I chose this approach. Hope this helps
  7. The tool that takes up way too much space for its use is.... my cabinet saw. Unlike many other woodworkers, for me the tool is the saw of last resort. The bandsaw, Festool track saw and jig saw... and even hand saws get used before the cabinet saw. That said, this is probably because I've fallen into the woodturning vortex and do very little 'flatwork'. I'm looking forward to using the cabinet saw with an Incra sliding miter table to cut lots of precision small pieces for segmented turnings. On the other hand, the table saw makes a fine "table" for photographing our work <s>
  8. Lauren and I will be attending for the first time. We'll be mostly hanging out at the Totally Turning events. This is also the first time we'll be displaying anything (we're showing some pendants) in the instant gallery exhibit.
  9. Dyami We'll be around the show on Friday and Saturday. It's likely that we'll spend quite a bit of time being sociable at the Hudson Valley Woodturners' booth. I don't know if there will be nametags... but ask for Alan Z. (there are way too many Alans in our club!) Lauren and I will be doing a pendant turning demo at the booth on Saturday from 1:00 - 2:00 pm. Hope to see some of you there.
  10. AlanZ

    sand flee

    I purchased a 9" SandFlee this summer. It's a very nice tool for finish sanding... it's not a thickness sander. The build quality is excellent. I made a web page that has some photos and notes about my installation: My Sand-Flee web page
  11. My wife and I are attending the Somerset show on Friday and Saturday. We'll be doing some demo turning at our club's booth (Hudson Valley Woodturners) on Saturday afternoon.
  12. This is sad news. Although there are several Festool dealers closer to me in northern NJ, I often visit Force for supplies, tools, and they were the closest Rockler distributor.
  13. Or perhaps when this snow melts we can take our motorcycles out for a spin...
  14. If you ever find yourself up north and would like to play in my little basement shop, you're welcome. It's pretty well equipped and can give an idea of what can be packed into small spaces <vbg> Mostly I'm into woodturning these days, but I have plenty of other toys to fiddle with.
  15. Jim, Welcome... where are you in NJ? I'm in a town near Paramus.