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  1. I'm pretty stuck on the ebony/ebonized wood for the accents, and the veneer (quartersawn walnut) is also set in stone, have a book of it on it's way to me at the moment. the top will have a half sunburst/herringbone combination. the drawer is only 4 inches if I do recall I'll keep you posted each step of the way, I should be getting a start on it tomorrow. just have to finish spraying my current project.
  2. Oops, thanks for pointing out the height, it was supposed to be 32, not sure where the extra two inches came from, but I've fixed it. The doors are curved panels, with shelving behind them. And as for the trim piece, yes it it the same thickness all around, it just looks off in the picture
  3. Tooling wise I'm set, I have access to a very well equipped shop and I think the part you're talking about (if I'm understanding what you mean) is the same size, it just looks a little off in the picture.
  4. Hello, First time posting here since the old forums, I have recently designed a desk, and being my first piece that I've designed 100% I was hoping I could get some input on it. Attached is a screenshot of the sketchup model, It is going to be all quarter sawn walnut veneer with ebonized walnut (and some gaboon ebony for the smaller parts) the top will be a half starburst out of the same veneer. Looking forward to hearing your opinions