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  1. Thanks for all the responses. I didn't quite expect that. It seems that I've been able to identify my frustration. I don't have a dedicated sharpening station. This I need; no more mucking up the bench. A while back I built the box in the picture, to hold my stones and catch water and slurry. It has greatly helped, but it has not curbed the mess totally. A sharpening bench is seriously in need. I don't like my process in how I flatten the stones. Again, it makes a mess. I have a granite tile that I put a piece of wet/dry sandpaper on to flatten the stones. Slurry everywhere! The sha
  2. B-Chip, Thanks. It was important to me that the frames would not be a distraction from the cards. I thought the cards were beautiful, and I didin't want them to be the secondary. Also, the priest loves simplicity. I thought that if the butt joint ever failed, I would use some long screws from the the bottom, but I like the dowel better.
  3. Hi, everyone. This is my second post. Now that I'm using hand tools almost exclusively, I'm getting frustrated with my waterstones. I bought waterstones originally because all the magazines said so. When using a router to cut a mortise, and then squaring up the ends with a chisel, I was happy with using waterstones. The mess and maintenance was not a big deal. Now that I'm using hand tools, again, almost exclusively, I'm finding the mess and maintenance to be a nuissance. I'm considering oil stones. I've never used a oil stone, but they seem to be a little cleaner and they need less mainte
  4. My first post; my latest project. A friend of mine, who is a Roman Catholic priest, needed frames for his altar cards that he purchased. I took this as an opportunity. The frames are red oak, mortised and tenoned, and glued to the two-piece base. I was pressed for time, so the frames have just a butt joint to the base. I would rather have made a spline joint or tongue and groove. The finish is two coats of wipe-on poly.