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  1. I'd call that Oxford shop - might not be retail. I used to shop at Downes and Reader in Stoughton, moved to Connecticut and started shopping at their place in Milford. They said that most of the Rugby stores are wholesale, not retail... seems like only the old D&R places are retail.
  2. huh. that's an idiom I don't use... feels a bit slang-y for a reference to a Nobel-winning piece of research, but I guess I'm the "know nothing" here! As you were! :-)
  3. now I'm no expert, but shouldn't that be "know nothing" at the zero of the x-axis?
  4. I will be there! Starting to prep and train my liver this week.
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    Awesome! I'm going to try this Saturday! The ones we get at Costco are narrower strips, not a. If piece like you got there. roughly how long did you smoke it?
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    Can you share your recipe? Please?
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    MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, @Llama!!!! (I sent this to Mel and he thought I was talking about jointers... fresh from my spam folder)
  8. some of us can just remember instead of relying on our imagination.
  9. Ahem. Shane, I believe you missed the best photo of the weekend.... Is it just because you're jealous of my hair? (are there forum rules against photos with this much handsomeness?) I echo most of what Shane wrote above... and my big achievement of the weekend was convincing Shane to start an Instagram account.
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    I did something really stupid and risky at the table saw last night and had my first kickback. The piece of wood hit me in the stomach so hard that when I recovered I cleared out my web browser history in case I died from internal bleeding overnight.
  11. Will you insulate the floor? Maybe 2x6 walls for more insulation? That's what I did in my build. I'm just north of NYC, so we get cold winters and snow.
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    @Eric., with all your ass scratching, are you part caterpillar?
  13. I mostly agree with @Bombarde16 on the bowl vs vessel distinction and associated grain direction rules... though of course those rules can be broken! Most people prefer turning green wood for bowls. The wood is softer and cuts easier. You can also generally find bigger pieces and find more free wood! The disadvantage is drying... at some point, you need to dry the piece. So you either turn it partially (leaving thick walls) and then let it dry or you turn to your final thickness recognizing that the piece will oval-out as it dries. (ok, and the other disadvantage is that you start finding tons of free wood and you end up with way too much of it around your shop!) I only turn kiln dried wood when I'm making laminated pieces or segmented pieces. Here's an example of a laminated piece: Here's a segmented piece:
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    Pro tip: don't drink two cups of coffee and then start a glue up before pooping