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  1. I was given an OLD Unisaw. It needs a little TLC, I think I'm up to the task. It needs a fence, so I'm thinkin why not upgrade?! I'm looking at the Beismeyer or the Shopfox facsimile. As far as I can tell the shopfox is about $100 cheaper. Here's my question for the Fence Jedis ~ With the importance of a hundred bucks these days, which one should I go with? Thanks for your thoughts
  2. Question for the wood Jedis. Can a spar varnish be thinned & wiped on like regular old poly? Thoughts appreciated.
  3. I'm a big fan of PL premium for something like this. Good luck!
  4. josephbert


    Thanks for the tips! Some experimenting is in order.
  5. josephbert


    First time poster here. I want to dye some maple blue then inlay it into some natural maple. My question is~ Does the dye soak in a little? When I'm scraping and sanding the inlay flush will I remove the dye? Thanks for any thoughts on the topic.
  6. Don't paint it...please! Or paint it. Looks beautiful like that. Well done.
  7. Yes! I have worn overalls for years too. No plumber's butt
  8. Cool! That first pic would look good blown up on your shop wall.