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  1. Dylder

    Moving large machines...sanity check

    The way its been raining around here. Just put it in a boat and float it in. I'd try the two guy and a truck first or the mini skid. The 3 sheets of plywood sounds like it would work too if you had a couple people to help. Good Luck
  2. Dylder

    Starting to understand

    The only time I use the sears molding bit is cutting large coves. Put the cove bits in it. Use it on the table saw running the wood at a diagonal Warning, this is not a rookie thing, lots of guides clamped on the saw, use push sticks, be very careful. Several passes and it does great.
  3. I’ve had good luck sending blades to Ridge Carbide in NJ
  4. Dylder

    Woodworking shops at rv parks

    I'm looking at Snowbirding in AZ when we retire. So last week we went to check things out. Take a look at Tower Point in Mesa AZ. They have an awsome shop, fully equipped with Powermatic tools.
  5. I find it online and take the add to the borg.. They normally will match the price, especially amazon prime prices. Then there is no wait, Normally when I'm buying a hand held its because I need it now and the old one failed. Most everything stationary is an upgrade, so normally I have time to be patient searching for the right deal. I prefer to always buy local, Festool, always online for the tools, accessories local. Festool everything is the same price, and normally ships from Indiana. So why pay close to 9% sales tax.
  6. Dylder

    Vintage Stanley Pocket Levels

    This guy has the book I use and appears there is a new edition coming out soon http://stanleytoolsbook.com/ Antique and Collectible Stanley Tools by John Walter
  7. Dylder

    Kerfmaker tool

    I have the Microjig Matchfit ... its the plastic, less expensive version. Works well when I tested if, but I have yet to use it on a project
  8. Dylder

    Frustration at the lumber yard

    I have been to Eric's yard many times, with his boss or Eric. Never an issue, the main reason I see to pick through a stack is to match color and grain. I do try to match measurements to about 20%. And I always buy extra to cover for a screw up. UPick always has some type of discounted piles too. I try to grab a few pieces of that just to have around. I try not to mess the stacks up too bad, but I'm sure I do. Last year they changed business hours to be more hobbyist friendly. Great place to buy from.
  9. Dylder

    Shopping spree

    My wife works at one of the big box stores. I just look at the 10% as buying tax free. That's about all it is. Much of the stuff at the big box is homeowner quality or less, a few gems but not at a discount. Like Eric said, shop online for better price, The big box will match online stores like amazon. .
  10. Dylder

    I think I have a problem...

    I try to stick to the Sweathearts. It keeps me from buying every plane at every flea market or antique store. Good luck with your addiction
  11. Dylder

    Toss your Roubo in the garbage!

    I bought an old Stanley Sweetheart brace at a flea market in Florida. No bits. TSA made me throw it out. Couldn't take a tool in my carry-on. So stupid it hurt, but I didn't have time to go back and put it in check on baggage.
  12. Dylder

    Radial Arm Saw Station

    I just sent mine off for the RAS recall (google it $100) I replaced it with a SCMS. I mainly used it for milling stock closer to finished length, and never used it for anything that would be finish dimensions. I just never wanted to try and keep it setup true. But use what fits your workflow, be careful with the RAS, they are finicky.
  13. Dylder

    Table saw digital gauge

    I have one and it seems to be accurate. I also bought their gage that measure the distance from the blade to the fence. Total piece of junk. When I contacted them they just kept telling me my rulers were off. Every ruler I own is off the same amount vs the gage.. Its now sitting on the shelf.
  14. Dylder

    I don't get it.

    I built my boat, a Nick Schade design Guilimont Kayak ... one H_ll of a project. 11 foot, Some day I am making another longer one. ... OK back to the Festool questions . Buy the best tool you can afford, you will never regret it. Festool, Lie Neilsen, Bridge City, powermatic. Avoid the discounts - harbor freight, most grizz stuff and I own a few of these too.
  15. Dylder

    I don't get it.

    Too many cups of koolaid sitting in the shop ... I have a couple Festool routers and a couple of their sanders. Dream of getting a Domino, but that's a lot if bucks, some day maybe. I have already spent the big chunk of this years shop budget (Dewalt 735) and still eyeing a Lie Nieslen #4 smoother. Festool is expensive, but you do get what you pay for.