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  1. Thanks for the advice I will have to get to makin them!
  2. I was wondering if I could make some scratch stocks from old saws that are to far gone to be good for saws anymore. I have a couple of saws that I am planning on doing this with I am going to make card scrapers and thought why not make some scratch stocks too. Also does anyone have a good plan for making a scratch stock holder? What have you or others done with huffed saws? I hate to throw them away but at the same time how many card scrapers does one need?
  3. I am looking for a tongue and groove plane, or a set of the wooden bodyed type would work too so long as they are able to be rehabed. Please send me a pm or pictures if you have one you would like to sell. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone have any plans or pictures of their "sleds" I think I would like to try and build one. I do use hand tools but if I am trying to do a lot of boards, that is where the machines can help out a lot. Thanks for all of the great ideas!
  5. I have a 12" Grizzly thickness planer and I have a little dinky 4 1/8 Craftsman jointer and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks they use to true up rough boards that they have. Other than cutting them to the size that there jointer will except and running them though and then regluing them back together? Any thoughts on this would be great.
  6. agab6601

    Grooving plane

    Awsome job! What kind of wood did you use?
  7. Great insight guys! I myself like to build furniture rather than refinish pieces too. I have a day job and this is nice because I can do this in my spare time LOL! If I make afew bucks that it is great, but I do not think it would put food on the table unless I was to really market myself as just a refinisher, but I think it is good expirence for anyone who enjoys wood working just to see how furniture is made and also sometimes how well designs can hold up thru the years.
  8. I was wondering if anyone here does repair or refinishes furniture for $$$ and wondered if that is a viable business idea. I have done recently a good deal of refinishing and repair and have done a few pieces for people but nothing serious. Or is refinishing and repair its own little off shoot, just wanted peoples thoughts. Thanks, Andy
  9. Jwatson, I am actually looking for wood bodied planes for joinery. I really want to get a set of dado planes and then a set of molding planes. So I have been sniffing around but so far nothing that has been to apealing. However I also acumulated some other wooden planes too that I would like to off load. But that is where I am, I honestly think one is never "done" buying tools however I would like to have a core set that I use and if I happen upon something then that is all the better. I think that the wooden planes can be a good place to start also as they tend not to be as expensive as their iron bodied counter parts, what your thoughts?
  10. Yeah, but I am not looking to make that a big deal, but I am sure you know sometimes you buy a plane and decide you no longer want it, or you have 10 #4 smoothers you know what I mean. I guess what I am saying is that I do not plan being a dealer so to speak just sell the occasional tool here and there.
  11. Cool, I really do not want to sell my stuff on Feebay and that is exactly what it is IMO. I am also not trying to make a profit off of the few items I have, however I also do not want to sell them for less than I payed. I am a user not a collector so Jwatson I can see your point as to deciding what you are. I want to use the tools not collect them so at a certain point I am better off to buy new. My budget does not allow for that at this time, so I have bought some older stuff in order to refurb into a useable tool and not break the bank. However I really do like seeing old tools they have a mistque to them that is aluring and I may collect eventually but in the mean time I need to get a basic set together and build on that. So that is where I am right now. -Andy
  12. Wow! I think I lit a powder keg here, that is cool though I wanted to know what peoples feelings were on the whole subject. I am a hobbyist now, however it would be nice to sell a piece here and there but that is down the road a piece. I honestly think that it is matter of taste and style. If you are making saw dust for $$ money than one would have to use what is most economical and what the customer is willing to pay for. So again I am thrilled that everyone is weighing in on this, thanks everybody! -Andy
  13. Hey everyone I just wanted to know where you thought the best place online was to buy and sell old hand tools? I am always looking for them and sometimes I have some that I either over bought or do not want, so any advice would be great. Thanks, Andy
  14. I just want to hear everyone's say on this, I am very new to wood working so I have not had a lot of expirence with solid wood or plywood. Handyman I am refering to plywood that is not mdf, mdf is a ball buster as far as I am concerned I (my wife) bought some crappy furniture for my daughter and is is painted mdf and it is so heavy! and ugly but my shop and my skill level are not to the point where I can build that type of furniture, however it does provide me with the motivation that some day I will and turn the mdf crap into a bon fire. Also anyone who builds furniture for $$$ I do not know one does it in using all solid wood, but I really appreciate the responses so far! -Andy
  15. Happy Haloween to everyone! A little early of course, but I would like some in put on this as I feel it warrants some discussion. In the context of furniture making is plywood really evil? What I mean by this statement is, is it posible to build high quality furniture and use plywood? When I say plywood I am talking about cabinet grade plywood with cherry, maple, etc veneer on it, not construction grade building materail stuff. For example I want to build a chest of drawers and I am thinking about using it on the sides instead of solid wood and also in the drawer bottoms. Now the stuff I use in the drawer bottoms will not be same as the plywood used on the outside of the carcass (I hope I am using my terminology right). But some folks' toe nails curl when you talk about plywood for funiture. To add another angle, to the non woodworker, would they even notice or care? Most folks do not know what a mortise and tennon is or half blind dove tails, so as long as it looks good, right? I am quite sure there are many furniture snobs out there that would turn up their nose at plywood, but when you get down to it wood is d*#@ expensive and it is not getting any cheaper! Not to mention all solid wood peices are extremely heavy. So I welcome all sorts of feed back on this even from maybe any professionals out there would do build furniture for folks. -Andy