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  1. I got this idea on Utube. I use a plunge router with a down cut spiral bit. it doesn't' work in all mortising situations but it's the perfect tool (IMO) most of the time
  2. Google z bracket or z bar. Simple, strong and secure
  3. I have two of the Gramercy hold fasts and love them.
  4. Not sure how to remove the mess but I can highly recommend Liberon furniture oil once to get it cleaned up. I've been using Liberon Furniture oil almost exclusively for several years. It's a bit expensive and takes some time but creates a beutiful finish where you can choose increments from a low luster all the way out to a high gloss. To use it, flood the surface and let it sit for about 30 minutes. The wipe it all off and let it cure overnight. Repeat the process until you get the desired gloss/luster. I find with Cherry, Walnut and Mahogany four or five coats gives my a really nice, r
  5. I routinely Re saw 1/8" shopsawn veneers on my Rikon bandsaw and sand them all nice and flat with my 19-38 drum sander. I wouldn't worry too much about going down to 1/16"
  6. I've been using Potassium Dicromate to darken Cherry and Magogany for more than 20 years. It comes in a powered form you mix with water. Wear a good mask and gloves it's toxic while wet. It reliably and unaformly ages the wood. I'll often use 4-5 coats of Liberon Furniture oil for the top coat. The combination created a nice luster and pops any figure you may have
  7. Chip, thank you. Your wife is correct, every G&G piece I,ve seen has dusty joints
  8. In need a 3 HP dc, the only two i can find that will fit the available space are the Bailiegh DC 2100c and the Laguna c flux. I'm reading a lot of comments and reviews on the c flux, but not much on the DC2100c. Does anyone on this site have one? Any comments will be appreciated
  9. I have five routers, PC 7518 in the router table a PC trim router a small dewalt and the OF1400. The 7518 is perfect in the router table. I haven't used any of the others since I bought the OF1400.
  10. Mark J, it does seem that way but it isn't. I think the reason is that they are so bright and there is a lot of bulb surface facing in all directions. In fact I've been thinking of building a reflective shade to focus the light
  11. I have been using the Shapton stones for about two years, and I love them. I have the following grits: 500, 1000, 4000, and 8000. I use dmt extra coarse and coarse for aggressive grinding an the Shapton stones for the rest. Hard for me to imagine better stones than Shapton
  12. I'm experimenting with Rockler's 4275 Lumen LED bulbs (picture) and am starting to believe I will swap out all my T8 fixtures with this incredible bulb. I have three installed at the moment and without scientific measure TS, I estimate each of these $30 bulbs puts outlay more light than two 4' T8 fixtures, perhaps as much as twice as much. It's a bit like looking at the sun. And, they only consume 50 Watts. I'll probably need fewer lights and get better visibility for my ageing eyes. I've had three installed for over a year now and had no troubles at all
  13. Her's what I did. 1.5 HP delta dc, Ivac blast gates, 4" black sewer pipe, one 20 ft run, one 15' run and one 25' run. It all works perfectly in my opinion except there is always some sawdust in my TS cabinet.
  14. I think that's a crazy high price
  15. Joseph, thank you, I bought the Mahogany on Craig's list along with some White Oak and Walnut. The guy I bought it from bought it at auction where they told him it had been drying indoors for 30 years. Not only is it great material but it was also a great price.
  16. Gee-dub, I did'nt realize I already posted it, guess I'm really proud of it. Thank you all for your kind comments
  17. Made from Genuine Mahogany, ebony and Cedar for an community fundraiser auction with hand cut finger joints and my own design lid handle. Hated to let it go, but.....
  18. Ah yes Saroyan Hardwoods of San Marcos. I haven't been there in a while. Pickens were pretty slim there, I'll have to give them another shot. Thank you! Another lumber yard is always a good thing
  19. Gee, 'm in N San Diego county, where is the yard in your pics.
  20. Her's what I did. 1.5 HP 1200 com delta blower, cartridge filter, SDD, 4" black sewer pipe and Ivac blast gates. Three runs of pipe, the longest is 20 feet. Can't see the need for anything more.
  21. I have an older 8" delta I am very happy with my buddy bought a Grizzly 490X and I have used it several times, I think it is an excellent tool
  22. Thank you. Every time I think I'm out of space I figure out how to add another piece of equipment.
  23. PS, it might not pass an OSHA inspection but it works well for me
  24. Here's what I've done with a 1.5 HP 1200 com (advertised) delta 120 v dc machine with a canister filter and SDD. I have three branches of 4" black sewer pipe hooked to an 8" jointer, a 10" cabinet saw, two band saws, a 19 x 38 drum sander and a 15" planner. I have an Ivac blast gate on each machine with a minimum of flex pipe to several machines. My longest run is 20' up through the ceiling and back down to the TS, the Second run is 17' and the third is about the same. I think the system works fine except there is always some dust left in the base of the TS cabinet. I'm happy with the pe
  25. I've had great results with Liberon Furniture Oil on Mahogany, although I've never worked with American Mahogany. No filling the pores allply 4-5 coats with 000 steel wool and done, nice luster, pops figure and looks great