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  1. Ok, so sticking within the shoulder plane arena the answer is, it depends. If you want to use it for dados that pretty much rules out the LV and LN larges, and well as the LN medium. Personally, the two shoulder planes I like the best for "all-around use" are the LV medium and the LN small 041 (not to be confused with the small LN infill). The LN 041 looks and feels quite small, but at 5/8" wide its only 1/16" narrower than the medium LV, it's very comfortable in one hand but still has enough width to handle most shoulder plane tasks. The LV medium falls about halfway between the LN medium a
  2. The Veritas medium is a great tool, I love mine but it mostly gets used for light tuning of rabbets and tongues, etc...stuff like that. What james said. A router plane is better for dados as well as tenon cheeks. Also, better for cheeks would be either a larger shoulder plane or a rabbet block of sometype. If you want to just buy one plane right now though for both dados and tenon cheeks a router plane is the way to go. I have the LV router plane, and LN makes a nice one too. LN has a video showing how to use a router plane for both dado and cheek work:
  3. Yes, they are made by Mujngfang. They are for essentially low angle wooden spokeshaves. I have the pair. Great little tools, especially for the money. The blades require a little setup, and they are not the easiest things to hone, but that's true of any tanged spokeshave blade. I reshaped the sole/toe of the small one and use it for shear tight inside end grain curves. I'm happy with them and everyone else I've seen mention them has liked them too, but again, they do require a little bit of setup.
  4. What do you plan to use it for?
  5. For the "in the mean time" coarse work can be done with sandpaper on a dowel, a small cylinder or conic head on a dremel or other rotary tool, and because some of those vintage irons are somewhat soft a chainsaw file can work well also.
  6. Well, I'm glad you guys enjoyed hearing about the visit. Like many of us, I've been their products and service for a while, but seeing how they make it all happen is just that much more impressive. It really is impressive and incredibly interesting to see how a company like that operates...of course, playing with all the tools was fun too....
  7. Hi Jerry, Nope no pics. I thought about taking some pictures of the outside but I knew I wouldn't be able to take any inside so I didn't bring my camera. They are not really setup for tours, and I am under an NDA for anything I saw there. I was fortunate to get an behind the scenes tour as I've gotten to know Rob a bit over the past couple years and occasionally do some testing for them so I am already under an NDA agreement anyway. I feel very lucky to have been given that experience.
  8. Today was the last day of a road trip vacation, that took my wonderful wife and I up to Burlington, VT, then up to Montreal, and then ended over in Ottawa, the home of the Lee Valley Dynasty. The entire trip was planned around my long awaited visit to the Lee Valley/Veritas factory (I married a great women), and, oh my, was it ever worth it! My Lee Valley visit began at the front doors of their main office, where I was greeted by my friend/Veritas's brilliant head of R&D Rick B. After a brief stop in Rick's office (where I must have handled every tool on his desk), we headed upstairs to
  9. Cool, thanks. I'll take a look for the CL ad.
  10. What you got these days Jerry? Just the curly maple still or you got any other species you are trying to part with. I'm always on the lookout for good prices on Cherry, Walnut, and Poplar in/near the city and saves me a drive out to somewhere further.
  11. One time price bump $80 shipped CONUSA....$70 for local West Philly pickup in the 19104 zip code. Paypal only please. If you're interested please be assured that this plane works absolutely beautifully. The only reason I'm selling it is because I got a hold of a Veritas 6. If you want more pics or a video let me know. Just FYI: This is the lowest I am going. If there is not interest I will simply keep the plane, put it on Ebay, and/or sell it later on down the road. Please send me a PM if interested.
  12. Super random question...did you by chance buy that No. 4 off ebay about 3 weeks ago? I was watching one that had similar pattern of tarnish. There was an LV 6 from the same seller also that has that same "left in the garage unused" pattern of staining. Of course, perhaps yours lives in your garage and has simply developed similar staining, but it's not something I see that much. I bought the 6 for well...a really really good price...a little staining doesn't bother, especially if it gets me a premium plane for a song. Nice shooting board. If you have trouble truing it uo you can j