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  1. It certainly has that feeling of that favorite rest stop, and Marc always ensures we get the happy endings!
  2. You could call it "The Odyssey" complete with table saw sirens and one-eyed mishap victims.
  3. Lance, instead of stain you may want to consider shellac. You can build up the color with successive coats and is a great grain popper.
  4. Charles, if you don't go the used route, take a look at the Penn State offerings - they are pretty good starter lathes before you make the decision to start dropping the big bucks.
  5. A butt-load, or in metric terms, a kilo's worth..........
  6. Good luck on the transition Duck. With every change there comes opportunity!!
  7. Last we heard, Don had gone thru the fire in his shop, rebuilt the business, and was finishing up his last big order prior to retiring. His presence is missed and I think we all wish him well. He might have been perceived as a teeny bit set in his ways, but the forum is a little less colorful and informed without him.
  8. In addition to sheet goods, I use the 55 to joint edges of 4/4 stock when I don't feel like going the jointer-planer route.
  9. Great set-up. I've had the same "problem" - old school rules!!!
  10. VERY nicely done, Barry! Thanks for inspiring.
  11. Looks great. Thanks for sharing. I've got the Rockler and swear by it.
  12. Awesome. I just sent in my preorder. Thanks for the post on this Alex.
  13. If you want to get bang for the buck, you may want to consider what I have installed on my power tool bench: Benchcrafted Moxon: hardware installed into the bench face: Veritas Inset:,41659
  14. Gibson Guitar is promoting the virtues of ebony sapwood as a means of sustainable harvesting and use of this diminishing resource. We are looking at a tipping point in availability of some of the more exotic hardwoods. This may bring on an evolution of wood aesthetics. I agree that there are instances where blending/use of sapwood should be considered for both aesthetic and practical reasons.