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  1. How does everyone go about softening the edges of their projects? I find if I try and sand them, I do it uneven? Am I doing it wrong. On larger pieces I use a roundover bit, but my current project has 1/2 inch slats and an 1/8 inch round over seems to much.
  2. I made a trophy for an internal team pvp tournament during the beta phase of our game.You can't really tell but its Superman in a flight pose on top.
  3. Brandon, I started taking the classes at ACC. You do have to at least go for the woodworking certificate. It has some classes on it that I'm not really interested in, such as blue print reading and OSHA regulations. But I found the actual wood working class to be good. The teacher also offered to let me take her advanced class even though I technically wouldn't be allowed to by normal pre-requisites. The blue print reading class ended up being rather enjoyable and I learned a good deal. When you first try to sign up for the woodworking course it can be a bit annoying because the register peop
  4. I usually buy at Fine Lumber and Plywood. Every time I have gone there, they have been extremely helpful.
  5. khill

    First Projects

    These are my first attempts at various projects.
  6. I live in Leander, but I'm in the same boat as you, just starting out. I have a number of tools and I have built a couple of things but I'm definately still a newbie.
  7. How do you makes the bowls with a scroll saw and not a lathe?
  8. My wife usually doesn't come out to the shop when I'm working, it's rather loud and she doesn't want to scare me while I'm working. But whenever I take a break she comes out to ask what I'm working on and to see it, and it makes me quite happy to know that she is interested in my hobby. Susie there were two people on this thread that made comments about not wanting their wife in the shop, two. You came in and insulted everyone in here, in general males by saying we are all quite predictable. While I had the same thoughts as you about the individuals who didn't seem to want to share the
  9. Wasn't sure which forum this should go in. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the 3m radio hearing protectors. It says they work with mp3 players, but I couldn't find a review online. If you have any experience with these or any other hearing protection that would work with an mp3 player please post away. Thanks in advance.
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    Online Gaming

    I still play every week as well. Also if you have any interest in DDO still they have made it very solo friendly. My wife and I started playing it again and have been doing quite well.
  11. khill

    Online Gaming

    DDO went free to play awhile ago as well. I have a feeling a lot of games are going to start going Freemium rather then the subscription model soon.
  12. khill

    Online Gaming

    Yeah I'm still working through the Campaign for StarCraft 2. I'm really enjoying the campaign, I get destroyed in multi-player though. I played WoW for about 3 years, I played EQ2 for awhile before that(that was the first game I worked on). Recently I've mostly been playing Modern Warfare 2and other FPS games. I'm either gaming or working wood in the garage these days, more so trying to spend my time in the garage. Marc if your interested in info on DCUO check out, its a fan page that has collected a lot of the information about the game all though you do have to
  13. khill

    Online Gaming

    Marc you just made my day.
  14. khill

    Online Gaming

    I know Marc plays some online games from his fan links and his comments about a WoW character. I was curious how many others out there are gamers and woodworkers. I've been playing online games since UO, only been woodworking for about a year now.