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  1. I've seen lots of plans for various pieces of furniture, but not any for couches/sofas. Looking to do something very simple. Wooden with detached pillows. Something simple and clean like the Ikea Lillberg line. I like the open-side look, but not a big fan of slats. I guess worst-case I can just try to draw up a plan based on the pictures. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. Heh. I'm pretty much settled on doing the breaking down and refinishing. That'll be this evening's project. Thanks all.
  3. We recently acquired a used crib for our son. The only problem is that the garage that was used to store it apparently was storing some other furniture that had some severe nicotine stink. As such, the crib now has 3rd hand smoke residue. It's solid wood construction with some sort of stain on it. (the Ikea Leksvik line) Any recommendations for getting the stain/smell out? If all I was going to do was cover it up, I'd put another layer of finish on top to seal the smells in, but seeing as how young teeth have the potential to gnaw on the wood, that seems like a bad idea. So I'd rather try to remove the permeation directly. The best solution would be to disassemble the crib, sand each piece down to bare wood and then apply a finish. I'm trying to avoid that much work. Any recommendations for less time-consuming alternatives that would come pretty close to achieving the same result?
  4. Welcome! Seems like there would be some good forestry up that way. How's your local wood selection?
  5. Well then if you want to buy something, the Alaska Mill is popular.
  6. Just watch your total current. You don't want to blow any circuits. Is there any way you can put the DC outside? Then just run it almost full-time.
  7. How much are you willing to pay? You can always call up your local mill or lumber yard and ask how much they charge to make a cut? It's probably going to be cheaper than buying a chainsaw guide.
  8. How about something like this:,240,41065&ap=1 also sold at woodcraft: or a simpler design:
  9. My wife is allergic to latex now, partially from working on a medical research lab for 7 years and wearing gloves daily (taking gloves on and off everyday will also wear on your rings).
  10. Looks great. I assume the vertical piece is for strength? Did you prime it before you painted?
  11. Exactly. Works perfectly too. I've got about 5.5' between the right of the RAS & the wall and about 2' to the left before the door. I can chop most any length from there.
  12. I have about a quarter of a 2-car garage (half the wide & half the depth). The tablesaw gets pulled into the driveway, as does cutting down any ply. I built the door split so that I can use the bottom half as an infeed to the RAS or chop-saw. Everything else is handheld tools.
  13. Build an array of shelving to hold all of my shop stuff in a single unit rather than having 4 "reclaimed" dressers doing the housing.
  14. Sounds good. I have the WWI on my Radial Arm Saw and love that blade.
  15. Also, sometimes it is better to cut the line into the wood with a knife, rather than writing with a pencil/pen. The kerf of a knifeblade is much smaller. You can just cut using the straightedge or combination square as the guide.
  16. Are you sure it's actually made by Forrest? Might be a cheap import knock-off? I distrust eBay for stuff like that.
  17. Sounds like those saws need to have a cabinet dust extraction port.
  18. I would highly recommend you finding another example (there are plenty). That specific case, McDonald's was definitely at fault. The temperature on the coffee pot was something like 25 degrees hotter than corp. guidelines and the lady received 2nd degree burns over her pubic area and completely destroyed her reproductive abilities. It was the extreme temperature of the liquid that resulted in the case win, that's it. And I think that it was deserved.
  19. That's great, thanks! I can't think of any specific question now, but I'm sure I will.
  20. It wouldn't hurt to. That would help to keep the baskets in line. Or you could put in a couple drawer guides if you want. Just a piece of 1x1 or something like that.
  21. If I recall correctly, Cedar is often used for outdoor projects. So is Cypress. I assume you are going to take whole logs and slice them?
  22. That looks pretty impressive to me. Well done. Looking back on it, what might you have done differently.
  23. I like the sliding idea. If yours is like mine, it's got the holes for bolting to a platform, you can almost use those like pin-holes and put a couple pins on the countertop to hold it in place when in use and then slide it back out of the way when not in use.
  24. Fantastic. I'm a proud southerner and my wife is a through-and-through 7th generation GRITS.