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  1. I just had mine delivered. Like 3 days ago. And I can honestly say. I should have gotten it a lit sooner. I have used a grizzly and a jet. But after using them and trying them out I went with the Supermax 19/38. Imo its the top of the line drum sander.
  2. The biggest difference was how easy the paper for the 19/38 is to change. I don't have a jet. But from what I read was it takes a special tool and is a pain to reach.
  3. Thanks. Well it's all together and working perfictaly. I didnt have to do any thing. It came from the factory in perfict alinement. It came with 80 grit sand paper. I also got 120 and 220. what do you all recomend?
  4. After 6 months of saving and wishing. It finaly came in todat. The Supermax 19/38 drum sander. As you can tell I'm already putting it together.
  5. After trying the water/ clamp idea. it didnt work. I riped the bords apart rejoined and reglued up. I also placed the bordes in the right order, and the bow is gone. thanks guys for all the great advice.
  6. When I went to glue them up I didnt alternate the boards. the U saped grane on one board is up and the other 2 are down. The 2 that are down are side by side. Ill give it a shot. Like TIODS say. Ill just lose some time.
  7. I glued up 3 peaces of cherry to make a panel. After glue up, the panel decided to bow a little bit. Its not much, about 3/16 on an inch. If I push done on the bowed corners the panel is flat. I cant joint it because the panel is 16x20. I was woundering if i spray water on top and put weight on it to push it flat and let in dry. Will this take the bow out? Or will it come back?
  8. It was to tall to fit underneath. So it was the next best thing
  9. needed more shop storage. And wanted to build this for a couple months. Its 3/4 BB plywood and walnut trim and drawer fronts. In the back is a ct48 and a cyclone dust extractor. Its the same height as the MFT3 on it legs and o my 1 inch wider. I Didnt want to go any bigger then the MFT3 foot print. I got the idea from the FOG web sight. All that is left are the drawer fronts and finish.
  10. If you can clamp it Titebond will work. If not go with the brad nailer.
  11. On my weekend I plan to start a workbench build. This will be my first workbench build. I plan on using Douglas fur for the top and pin for the bottom. Will the domino 500 with the largest tennon work if I use 4? Or should I just use traditional m&t?
  12. I finished the under the counter bathroom cabinet my HF wanted. And started my shop made moxin vice.
  13. Mine will be made out of walnut and use threaded rod. But mostly the same.
  14. I'm building a moxen vice. And after cutting the jaws to 9 inches wide. To me they look to wide. Should i stay at 9 inches or go to like 7 or 6?