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  1. I got to take the tansu jejewelry box with Mike pekovich last spring. It was a blast that place is awesome...check out Corey s catsup and mustard for dinner, great burgers and beer. And their breakfast place pastrami on wry.
  2. THanks for the opinions...I like the idea of getting one useful chisel that will take me a long way. I don't like the idea of buying sets of tools except for bench chisels. What metal did you use to make those easy wood tool knock offs...I like that idea as well.
  3. I know you get what you pay for and all that. But I really want to get a lathe and I'm willing to get a small one off cl for starts and upgrade later. My question is where do I begin with lathe tools what do I start with can I get away with one or two and work my way up. I mostly want to turn tool handles to start and move up from there. Any advice would be appreciated. Also metals are most lathe tool metals the same?
  4. It's very clearly cracked which I'm currently gluing in the picture but otherwise it looks nice
  5. Anyone know anything about this guy...picked it up for 5 bucks today at a garage sale
  6. http://burlington.craigslist.org/atq/4551644767.html Came across this anyone know anything about this particular saw l. And any reason why I should go with a different setup.
  7. I like the idea of routing a circle hidden on it somewhere and gluing a quarter from the year it was finished
  8. When I took a class with mike pekovich last month and this weekend coming up, he went over sharpening my new hock blade with me and we used the ruler trick and I have to say I'm convinced.
  9. I think it may be safe to assume that we all have a granite counter shop somewhere nearby. If not this may not work. I have found many pieces of granite for free in their dumpsters in many sizes. Even one year used them to make cheese plates for family members.
  10. Here's a trick, put what you want on your amazon wish list. And leave it logged on "accidentally" so she comes across it.
  11. I bought a solid core door and put it on my saw horses and it works great...also got the door at a habitat restore for only 15 bucks.
  12. How about an ebony and holly bench. Bet that would look striking.
  13. http://www.esslinger.com/heavydutyjewelersworkbench.aspx And the limitless variations of this particular bench.
  14. Heat but I'm going to inlay a 12x12 tile for that. The chemical issue is like pickling solution and liver of sulpher(not sure exactly what they are. I may just leave the top with shellac.
  15. So I'm using shellac for a base coat. What should I use for the rest of the bench. I'd like to use one type for the whole thing. The top will take abuse,of course. Should I just stick with the shellac and call it a day? I'm a bit confused as to what to use....way too much info out there it gets a bit overwhelming. Thanks again.
  16. Thank you, I'm working with a galaxy tablet which is similar to an iPad. I'm gonna try and build some sound amplifiers on one
  17. So I'd put the blond on I don't mind the yellow actually it's just too much. Can I just lightely use alcohol but keep the stain that's already soaked into the grain(the reason I chose the amber in the first place) then add blind after lightening it up.
  18. If you don't mind what angle are those cut at?
  19. So I put amber shellac on my ash and walnut table. In my test piece it wasn't nearly as yellow as it is now. I wanted to use the amber because it darkened the grain better than the blond. Is there anyway to tone down the yellow before I add the next finish. Also other than the top should I add general finished varnish?
  20. Awesome thank you the quick reply...one quick 220 it shall be.
  21. So I have these walnut panels for my project. They were marked with chalk for identification, I suppose. The veneers are super thin and anything I can think of would be too aggressive and at $95 a sheet I certainly don't want to burn through it. What would be the best was to get it off.