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  1. My wife doesn't know it yet but come Ocotber she's going to "surprise" me on my birthday with my first LN block plane.
  2. Might not hurt to have the machinist sign a Non Disclosure Agreement - especially if you don't know the machinist. Nothing would be worse than to have your idea stolen before you even have a chance to market it. My $0.02
  3. Thanks for the input. Fuji is definitely a consideration and have found numerous reviews proving it's worth. I just got an email from Rockler for 20% off one item and they actually carry this Earlex sprayer - kind of weird it's the only one they carry! $110 savings....hmmm what to do???
  4. I've been looking to purchase my first spray system. Recently I've been looking at the Earlex HV6003PUS HVLP SprayPort. Does anyone have a review of this product? In the past I've been taking my larger projects to another shop and have been paying someone else to spray for me. I've got a couple larger projects coming up this fall and would rather invest that money into my own equipment. Thanks in advance. Bill
  5. Mike, I'm in Iowa and can feel your pain. I have a similar set up in regards to insulation in my shop although it's smaller than your's - 24' x 32' w/ 10' ceiling. I purchased an 18,000 BTU window AC unit and had my contractor cut a hole in the wall for it. It stays in year round and during the summer I set the thermostat on it at 75 degrees. This is the first year the humidity in my shop got to the 80% level and I'm saying its due to the crazy wet weather we've had here in Iowa. No matter what I did for temp on the AC I couldn't get rid of the humidity. I ended up buying a 60 pint Frigid
  6. Yep, your local home centers carry them.
  7. This is what I went with also. My shop is 24 x 32 w/ 10' ceilings. I run a 18,000 BTU window air conditioner in the summer and have a 5000 watt heater for the winter. I can set the temps for whatever and the insulation holds it there. I might even have a tad more than R-38 in my ceiling because I bought 10% more than i thought I needed but ended up blowing it all in. I also sealed all gaps with expanding foam. It's amazing how much efficiency you can lose through drafts around windows and doors.
  8. I have this table and love it. I was going to put mine on casters until I found out the threaded holes were metric. I didn't have any luck at the time finding casters with metric stems. Future plans are to design an adapter plate that will attach to the metric thread and mount some bolt on casters. Really durable unit. Bill
  9. Great replies. Thank you all. My first guess was poplar but being a leg I immediately discounted it due to lack of hardness. I don't have any spray equipment.....yet . I like to take on projects that challenge me to use new techniques and ultimately that leads to new purchases! With that said, I have used transit dyes on a couple projects with good success. Luckily this piece will be in an adjacent room so a perfect match isn't a deal breaker. I've already said I can match the design but couldn't make any promises of an identical finish and my parents were fine with that.
  10. Hello all! I've been asked to build a sofa table matching (as close as possible) the design/materials of some existing furniture in my parents house. I'm not 100% sure what the leg material is - is it a stained maple? Can anyone offer suggestions or confirm my assumption? I've also attached a photo showing more of the material from a different piece of furniture - the fun cabinet Thanks in advance. Bill
  11. Mmmm.....WR is one of my favorites!
  12. No, it's from WS Magazine #172. But I really like the one Marc and Tommy did. It's sweet! More contemporary design. The WS design is more traditional.