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  1. I also like the second but I will add elements of the first one to it, like the layers of tables.
  2. Is there a place to propose builds for the Guild? I saw this video and I knew I have to build something similar: http://youtu.be/XVC9HOSwHl4 Or something like this: http://www.geekchichq.com/the-emissary-gaming-table.html But if we have Marc build a gaming table it would be an awesome project since everyone can come up with different designs.
  3. I wish I had access to Busybee or Jet but no such luck in Quebec. The new Jet jointer/planer combo looks really cool but of course if one break both break. I can always try to use my router table as a jointer but never try it before. sung the planer as jointer, I have no idea how to do that.
  4. I'm a guild member and it's very frustrating to try to follow some of the builds without a planer and a jointer. In Canada, specially in Quebec we are very limited on the choices of brands for woodworking machines. We don't have access for Powermatic or Jet and we are stuck with General International and King most of the times. There is an offer for a Dewalt DW735 planer with in-feed and out-feed tables (DW7351), the stand (DW7350) and 3 blades (DW7352) for $699 CAD. Should I wait for a drop in price? But I was wondering if it is worth it to buy it without having also a jointer or if I can get a planer and jointer for less than $1000 in other brands? Should I spend the money on a jointer first. I sure can't afford spending $2000 right now. Should I try to buy some used ones. Since I've never had those machines before I'm afraid I won't be able to identify if I buy used ones if they are in good conditions. Any recommendations?
  5. I check my mail and it's correct. I do have a code for a 10% discount on my yearly subscription but I didn't use it. I should be something automatic when you are log in as a member imo. Thanks.
  6. I just bought it but I didn't saw any 10% discount. I was sign in as a member but price still reflected $100. I'll check later my credit card statement.
  7. I've been following Marc since his first videos with the cutting board. Unfortunatly I've not been member of the guild till last year. With work and been a father of 2 little kids don't give you a lot of time and I'm sure some people can relate to this. I think, I feel ready to do the Split-Top Roubo Bench and I was wondering if for members of the guild is the same price of $100 to buy the videos. Also, has anyone around the Montreal - South Shore area have done it? If so maybe we can exchange contact info. Good woodworking to everyone.
  8. Great.. Thanks a lot Carl. I'm going to take a look at http://robertbury.com and Great map also. I'll have to some some trips to check new places.
  9. Hello everyone. I live in the south shore of Montreal. I know of only 2 stores that sell wood, not including big names like Rona or Home Depot, that I know of and I was wondering if anyone knows of other alternative a little bit less expensive. Both of these stores have a very limited selection. Pine, maple, oak, cedar and sometimes mahogany. And the prices don't make sense at all. Very expensive and not a friendly attention to customers. Bois Franc Rive Sud: http://www.boisfranc-rivesud.qc.ca/ Langevin & Forest: http://www.langevinforest.com/ If anyone have some other choices near by or even good recommended online stores that don't charge you $100 for delivery please let me know. Thanks
  10. The Roentgens' Berlin Secretary Cabinet http://www.youtube.com/embed/MKikHxKeodA?rel=0
  11. Amazing. I did a small version once of something similar, but my wife didn't like it for the house. very demanding.
  12. Cool design. I have to try it one day.
  13. Thanks a lot for the resposes. Theay have been very informative.
  14. Hello everyone, I just bought a new air compressor. Makita MAC700. Most of the time I do my woodworking in the weekends and if the kids allow me. Having to small kids it's not easy to get time I wish I had for my hobby. I Should keep it pressurized all the time or empty it of all the air after use? I don't want to stress the tank more than necessary. But I also don't want to stress the pump to fill the the tank every time I want to use it. Also, how do you drain the tank of moisture after using it? Thank you.