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  1. Not sure if you are still interested because this was from January but if you are: There is a place called Woodworker's emporium that sells tools and whatnot. They don't have a great selection of tools but they have a decent amount of hardware. For Lumber there are three that I know of, Peterman Lumber is pretty good and has a lot of exotics. They have a huge facility in California so if you want something they don't have just ask and they may be able to order it. Rugby Lumber is right next to Peterman, they don't have much surfaced lumber its mostly rough and the selection isn't grea
  2. What are everyone’s thoughts on copying a design of someone else for personal use? I believe that it’s wrong to copy a design and sell it because in essence you are stealing intellectual property, but if there is no monetary gain I am not so sure. I saw a side table recently that is beautiful and I would like to make one for myself, but I am a little torn on taking someone’s design even if it’s just for me. Thoughts?
  3. awesome, thanks for the reply. It looks like the method you described is dead on what is listed in 115, so hopefully it will work out. Thanks again for the reply and pictures, those boards look great.
  4. Hey everyone, first post here. I wanted to do a monogram inlay on an end grain cutting board. will that be a problem? I am not sure how easy it will be to remove the material, and I don't know then how it will fair over time. Any advice would be helpful. Oh and in case it matters I am going to try the inlay technique from episode 115. Thanks again!