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  1. I'm going....when it's only an 8 hour drive, how could I pass it up. :-) Actually this will be year 4 going, the drive is well worth it.
  2. hahaha, "done buying tools"....oh Shannon, you're such a card.
  3. Yep, there are a bunch of us. I'm in Toronto, you?
  4. IKEA makes a set of cabinet light strips that have a proximity sensor in them. When the doors to the cabinet are closed, the lights are off....as soon as you open it, the lights are on. I think it's a strip of LEDs.
  5. I'm going....can't wait. It would be awesome if we could get a group together again on the thursday night as well, like last year. That was a fantastic way for everyone to get to know each other and for the veterans to catch up with each other. Ian
  6. I've built a cedar strip encased in fiberglass, it's 16' and comes in about 60-65 lbs....easily manageably by one person on and off the car/van/etc or on a portage. I have a ton of pictures of the build process on my blog. If you've got questions feel free to ask. Here's the link: http://woodcanuck.wordpress.com/projects/cedar-strip-canoe/ Good luck, it's a really fun project.
  7. How much did you end up needing? I am debating between this and the Schwarz mix.
  8. You guys have done an awesome job on your benches. It's beginning to make me feel guilty...gives me a good kick in the butt to get out and make some more progress on my bench too. Gotta say, this has been the most interactive build I've seen. A lot of good camraderie and sense of community.
  9. If anyone is planning on attending the show this coming weekend, leave a note or message me if you're interested in meeting up. So far I've got Ben Lowery and Guy Bucey on board for a pint or six on Friday or Saturday night. The more the merrier, we had a great time last year just hanging out over a few drinks. I'll keep an eye out for comments here, or hit me on twitter @woodcanuck. Ian
  10. I have a pretty cheap lunchbox planer and it managed the bench slabs without trouble. I'll reiterate the 'clean and wax' the planer bed and infeed/outfeed tables....this made a difference for me. I didn't clean the rollers, but I think that would have been a great idea too, if anything will slip and make a mess it'll be the rollers which are probably rubberized. I supported the infeed side manually, holding some of the weight as the slabs went into the planer. I also used tennis balls on the outfeed side on my existing bench to help with the weight of the slabs...this may have helped a lot with reducing friction. Had a quick blog post/pics here: http://woodcanuck.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/the-cheapest-outfeed-roller-ever/ Ian
  11. Greengirl...where exactly are you and what's the company? I'm in Toronto, I'd be willing to trek down to The Hammer for a good deal! Thanks
  12. I picked up the 2010 version about a year ago, it's been a pretty good reference so far. I find the search a little archaic, but it works ok. I also picked up the Pop Woodworking Archive DVD which is similar but uses an Acrobat PDF search tool instead of the custom search that Taunton included. Putting all the PDFs from both archives into a folder and using the Pop WWing search was been pretty good, though a little slow.
  13. Ditto on the Veritas shoulder plane. I can't find any flaws in the one I got either. If you are into making tools, Ron Hock sells a kit for a wooden shoulder plane, 3/4", and under $100. I made one last year and like it for light work, the metal one is a good weight though and works better on gnarly wood. I videoed the build, it is on my blog. Matt Vanderlist also covered the Hock kit on his site. http://woodcanuck.wordpress.com Ian
  14. I was able to find a nice slab of soft maple 12"x16/4x7' (my bench will be on the shorter side). So I am thinking that I'll use the slab for the back half of the bench top and laminate up some 8/4 for the front half. Does anyone have any thoughts on using a slab top? I'm wondering if I have to make an accommodations for the single slab that I don't have to make for the laminated top. I would guess that wood movement won't be much different, although I imagine it could cup over time. Is anyone else using a single slab for one or both benchtop sections?
  15. That's just crazy Allen. We'll look for you at the booth and if we can all get our acts together and plan something, hopefully you can drop by and say hi. Anyone got ideas for where to go? We can all meet up after WIA wraps up for the day and head somewhere to eat and have a few drinks....I hear MattVan has a well stocked mini-bar. :-)