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    I am a wood shop teacher and most things i make are small boxes, plant stands, and cuting boards and so forth because i get most of my wood from a urban lumber company and small shops. they just gives me small cut offs from their boards for the kids to use. i find my inturest drifting towards inlay especialy in wood turnings. i am now working on a collction of different mediums that can be ground and cut up to be used for inlay. check out my work at

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  1. dude I think I would have bought a new house before I moved all that in basement. or built a ramp
  2. almost done so excited.... is your shop in the basement? if so how did you get those huge tools down there.
  3. duckkisser

    12/4 lumber

    depends on who is doing the work, each company is different I once bought some wood that was priced for 3 but it was closer to 2.5. but it was such great wood that I could not leave it int he store. but more often then not it was at 7/8
  4. that is the idea going to spend the summer making cutting boards and inlaying/ carving handles. and then try and sell them at a sale for christmas
  5. i want to get a x-carve something that i can program in a repeating program and batch out similar projects. was thinking of making these. or some kind of sighns, but i would love to have it to cut out inlays make perfect looking projects. these are just cut vinyl but if i can nock out like 20 of each then i can sell them for 5 bucks at a craft show and pay off the table space. people like to buy 5 dollar projects and use them as gifts were as they wont buy a 5 thousand dollar table and chairs. honestly if i was going to get a cnc i think that i might end up getting rid of some of the storage in my side room and building a table to put it on in there. i would just have to thin out my lumber and get rid of shelf full of random off cuts.
  6. anyone have any idea how I can put in a cnc router without removing tools? creative solutions will be given extra points if they are feasible. so no suggesting I invent a shrink/embiggen ray or any other ridicules suggestions.
  7. if anyone is interested let me know and we can talk it out and see if your interested. right now I don't want to restore hand planes to make projects I want to pay for my dentist bill and make projects.
  8. ya its a hassle to pull out my planer or drum sander when I want to use it but I don't use them a whole lot but when you need them you have to have one. that is why I plan on putting them on a flip top cart then I can have more room and easer to move then on the tool carts I bought. only wish I had more space to put in a cnc router. cant figure out how to do it without geting rid of tools. ya I don't care for the garage door would rather have a double door. almost impossible to insulate the garage door.
  9. ya had some left over plus brother had some left over and then I had a friend give me a extra box I probably have enough to do a small room if you don't mind them not matching. im thinking ill make some cutting boards out of them and sell at a craft show to use them up. or I want to build some long short bookshelves I could use them to make the tops.
  10. yes I do have two machines one dedicated to the lathe/miter saw but it does nothing for the miter saw. I go it and hung it last fall before it got cold and never used it except to make sure it works. hopfully as soon as I feel the bug to turn ill be on my lathe. was thinking to put it inside the cabinet but I said the hell with it.
  11. its not random I planed everything. the color is balanced where if there is red on one side there is read on the other. if there is yellow on one side there is yellow on the other. and there is green to tie it all together. even the size of the lilly pads are placed so that one side does not look heaver then the other. your eye will start at one side and follow along one edge where most of the inlay will be to the other side using shape and line eventually geting to the dragon fly. im following art elements as though I was doing a painting rather then woodworking.
  12. It’s ok I like the open end and small footprint but changing paper sucks wish it was easier. I bought mistly for segment turning and for figured wood
  13. i don't realy want to restore or make tools i plan on making projects so will probably sell handplanes. it can probably be repaired and welded back together but i don't want to do it.