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    I am a wood shop teacher and most things i make are small boxes, plant stands, and cuting boards and so forth because i get most of my wood from a urban lumber company and small shops. they just gives me small cut offs from their boards for the kids to use. i find my inturest drifting towards inlay especialy in wood turnings. i am now working on a collction of different mediums that can be ground and cut up to be used for inlay. check out my work at

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  1. I was thinking of doing it on router because I don’t want to purchase a dado stack right now kinda broke. So was going to do a router based jig.
  2. Thinking of building a spice cabinet was going to try making my own box or dovetail joint for first time to joint the 4 sides of the cabinet. How does everyone cut their joints and should I invest in a decent hand saw to cut the joint? I’m more of a power tool user but I’m not aposed to hand tools.
  3. Looks really good Better then anything in my shop frankly my shop furniture is as basic as you can get lap joint and screws made from ply. Don’t even use pocket screws just drill it in from the face. Shoot half my cabinets don’t even have handles
  4. Hahaha man lee valley creates so much stuff that is useless well not useless but definitely easy enough to make something for free that does the same job
  5. Borrowed a trailer from someone who just happened to have it attached to car and didn’t feel like putting it away for the night. So worked out great now to just cut it to 4x4 pieces so I can store it in garage
  6. That’s why I do it in driveway and if you don’t have a huge space and the ability to cut down panels on table saw I can’t recommend it enough. Love my track saw
  7. That’s what I have already just need a supporting surface
  8. Thanks I’ll have to cut down ply and insulation sold my truck after it final bit the bullet and bought a c-max a hybrid compact car.....fill up car once a month instead of 3 times a month. But I’ll want smaller panels anyways for storage
  9. Wish I had a designated staton but shop is just not big enough......cut down in drive and get to size in garage when it’s small enough
  10. I need to cut some sheets of plywood and I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what to put under it on sawhorses and nock together frame to support the plywood. Want to prevent chipping and splintering. Had thought to use sheets of foam insulation. Anyone have any cheaper ideas? Seems like there are some videos on woodwisperer of Marc using insulation anyone else remember those
  11. So I have been in a update the shop kick where I’m adding better surface to tables, handles on drawers, band saw blade storage, mounting dust collector ect..... I have a pile of tablesaw jigs that I use every great while but still really useful and don’t want to throw out like spline jig, table saw sled, box joint maker raised panel jig, and sacrificial fence as well as the usual table saw assessories. How do you guys store these things in your shop?
  12. God I had to look up some of math terms it’s been so long i always tried to teach my students to use as little and as simple of math as possible so it wouldnt seem like work. Ya it might be useless in long run but I remember the learning curve to get good angles and don’t want my tools all jacked up from a 16 year old who wants to make something and wants it right now. And does not want to listen to me talk about patience and control. So thought he could learn some turning since he can start and finish a project in one day. as for the jig loses length I use a jig to hold it in place and it is always 2” away from wheel when you lock it in my jig resting in the cradle
  13. Bought a house doing construction on it instead of wood working still not happy with my house keep having issues uggggg..... changed job in a regular classroom instead of wood shop so I’m no longer breathing sawdust day and night. I’m trying to get back into woodworking to build some furniture. So basicly no time for forum or a lot of stuff. How you been cooper?
  14. I have my sisters kids who want to learn to turn. To make it easy for them to learn to sharpen I thought I would use a raptor set up sharpening jig that is sold through craft supply with my wolverin e set up. Most so they don’t destroy my gauges and skews but I don’t want to spend the money for something they might be interested in for one project so I want to just make my own set. Anyone know how to make them so they have the correct angles want 35; 45; and, 55 or 60. Seems like they would be easy to make but I can’t figure out how to make them to have the right angles any ideas? here is the part I’m talking about
  15. Was thinking using as Cnc marquetry to make batches of simple projects to sell at craft shows