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  1. I was going to make a cabinet the ones you see there are custome cabinets that previous owner built out of plywood. Kinda ugly but they do the job. But after your post legend I moved some stuff and I’m thinking I might buy one of those pull out racks. Thinking I’ll put some kind of rack for pots along my stove so I can still have a counter along my stove. How well do those racks hold the garbage cans?
  2. I want to build a garbage cabinet to put along my stove but they don’t make cabinet slides that are 30 inches long at least ones that don’t cost 80 dollars from custom stores. I wanted to make my own wooden ones like they use in old dressers. But I’m worried that something that long will rack or get stuck and won’t work. I had thought to build a cabinet with space length wise for two garbage cans so I just pull on drawer to access both cans. The other option is to build a roll out cabinet where I pull the whole unit out to get to the garbage cans. If I make it into a rolling cabinet I can use
  3. My father ended up giving me an old one he had otherwise I was going to buy a dewalt grinder well glad to save 50 bucks
  4. Decided to get shapeoko after I get the money put together it’s actuly more solidly constructed Andre software is better plus it’s downloadable and free
  5. It’s open ended flip it and it can do 20 inches that’s why I picked it
  6. I own a jet 1020 bench top drum sander and I don’t really use it much so was thinking of selling it but before I get rid of it I’m wondering if I’m missing out on maximizing the use of the machine. What do you guys use your drum sander for? I know some people rave about it but I’m thinking I would rather have my money and my floor space back.
  7. I’m thinking with the stimulus money I’m getting to invest in a x-carve. I was wondering if anyone has one or works with CNC on a regular bases can give me a experienced opinion about the machine. Don’t want to buy something that I will hate. I know that the first models had a lot of isssues but how good are they now?
  8. I love my scroll saw it is like having a bandsaw with thin blade but I can cut at sharp angles and I can pop it loose and cut out insides if a object. But it’s more useful for small details project then for doing furniture. If I every have to move into small space I’m taking lathe, scroll saw bandsaw and my work bench everything else could go.
  9. I got my self a turbo plane so I bought a masterforce angle grinder haven’t had bad luck with those tools even if they are menards brand and little on the cheap side. But after using it the switch would not turn off so I took it back to replace it. The second one did the same so now I’m getting money back and buying a better tool. Any reconditions on quality brands?
  10. Maybe I’ll look into full face units anyone have a trends airshield pro? Or the half mask? That stumpy has in his video
  11. Chet I have one similar to this and it’s just bulky half the time I don’t reach for it when I’m making a couple of cuts on table saw saw that’s why I was thinking the other might be more comfortable to put on and leave on the entire time guess I’ll have to stick with what I got
  12. ya I noticed that the only thing I can think of is that because its manufactured in china is why there is not a NIOSH rating because they might not require it. I'm mostly looking for something to use while I'm doing power carving in driveway or at shows I have noticed that the dust collector picks up most of the fine stuff but I am breathing in the large particle that are thrown by the carving tools.
  13. so with the increase time in the shop with the covid shut down I have started to have some sinus problems from working with the sawdust. I have increased the amount of time that I am using my 3m half mask but its uncomfortable to wear because it pulls on my neck and head...… there for I don't use it as much as I should. I was thinking I might order a different type of mask to use in the shop and see if it is more comfortable. does anyone have a mask similar to this and can tell me how well it works and is it comfortable.
  14. dude I think I would have bought a new house before I moved all that in basement. or built a ramp
  15. almost done so excited.... is your shop in the basement? if so how did you get those huge tools down there.
  16. duckkisser

    12/4 lumber

    depends on who is doing the work, each company is different I once bought some wood that was priced for 3 but it was closer to 2.5. but it was such great wood that I could not leave it int he store. but more often then not it was at 7/8
  17. that is the idea going to spend the summer making cutting boards and inlaying/ carving handles. and then try and sell them at a sale for christmas
  18. i want to get a x-carve something that i can program in a repeating program and batch out similar projects. was thinking of making these. or some kind of sighns, but i would love to have it to cut out inlays make perfect looking projects. these are just cut vinyl but if i can nock out like 20 of each then i can sell them for 5 bucks at a craft show and pay off the table space. people like to buy 5 dollar projects and use them as gifts were as they wont buy a 5 thousand dollar table and chairs. honestly if i was going to get a cnc i think that i might end up getting rid of s
  19. anyone have any idea how I can put in a cnc router without removing tools? creative solutions will be given extra points if they are feasible. so no suggesting I invent a shrink/embiggen ray or any other ridicules suggestions.
  20. if anyone is interested let me know and we can talk it out and see if your interested. right now I don't want to restore hand planes to make projects I want to pay for my dentist bill and make projects.
  21. ya its a hassle to pull out my planer or drum sander when I want to use it but I don't use them a whole lot but when you need them you have to have one. that is why I plan on putting them on a flip top cart then I can have more room and easer to move then on the tool carts I bought. only wish I had more space to put in a cnc router. cant figure out how to do it without geting rid of tools. ya I don't care for the garage door would rather have a double door. almost impossible to insulate the garage door.
  22. ya had some left over plus brother had some left over and then I had a friend give me a extra box I probably have enough to do a small room if you don't mind them not matching. im thinking ill make some cutting boards out of them and sell at a craft show to use them up. or I want to build some long short bookshelves I could use them to make the tops.
  23. yes I do have two machines one dedicated to the lathe/miter saw but it does nothing for the miter saw. I go it and hung it last fall before it got cold and never used it except to make sure it works. hopfully as soon as I feel the bug to turn ill be on my lathe. was thinking to put it inside the cabinet but I said the hell with it.