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  1. Ya I know but I have to use the space given. This will be a part time addition won’t be a major part of my shop. Make some handles, knobs, key chains, knives, carving tools ect…
  2. That’s part of why I wanted to have one small enough to move outside into driveway.
  3. I want to expand my wood shop to include metal working. I joined a smithing forum looking for help and just got frustrated. I asked specific questions that never got answered, I said I needed a anvil that I could move out of my shop or put in storage as needed so was looking at 70lb anvil and that I had a budget of 500. First response was from moderator who just said I need to do research since this topic has already been discussed. Only thing I found while researching was people doing unboxing of the cheap Chinese anvil with meh it’s ok does the job fine it’s a good enough product for the price. Was told get bigger or just buy used one even though I can’t find used for less then a brand new one. “Antique” And when I put links to the two I needed advice on buying the moderator deleted it without telling me why. Someone mentioned that you can’t add links to companies “I’m not selling need help” . Some guy just said get a chunk of metal to hammer on. I said I want to get a real anvil with hardy holes and horn and I had 3 people give me a lecture on how the Chinese and Vikings used metal blocks as anvils for 3000 years. Ect…. every time I have talked to metal workers I feel like they don’t want people to do this craft. I know it’s just the perceptions from the local area. But Even when I tried to talk to people in person/phone I get the don’t want to be bothered attitude. When I fist started getting into wood working everyone I spoke too was more then happy to give me all the time I needed. Shoot had one guy offer to loan me a lathe till mine got sent to my house. So after my frustrations with the smithing forum I moved back to my first home wood talk. Maybe someone here can help me. does anyone on here own a anvil or do blacksmithing work?
  4. little late but I use thin ca to get between stones. Looks like a nice bowl. I love spalting just hate if you let it go to long the wood crumbles from the rot. This looks like it’s just perfect not too rotted just enough to give some figure.
  5. i would like to have had it go the other way but i did not have a way to have the hose go the right direction and have the "y curve toward the vacuum. its such a short run that it does not effect the suction that much.
  6. yes you can carbide is best to use since the rock will dull tools quickly but you can use anything to cut soapstone. shoot your finger nails are harder then soapstone.
  7. i have a big box of soap stone that someone gave me but been little shy of turning it. i have turned a small pieces years ago as a knob on a box. now that i have adequate dust collection i will try turning a block. keep in mind even though its soft it is still gritty and will dull you tools quickly so sharpen often. you need dust collection soap stone is terrible on lungs and can cause cancer. yep i bought a kit that did it separates out most of the big chips
  8. So I dedicated a cheap dust collector that I had to my lathe and carving bench. I use some loc-link so I can suck up dust from sanding. And adjust it where I wan. I put in a separator to drop chips in a barrel. And I have a off branch for a dust collection hose for cleaning up.
  9. thanks guys I get my sandpaper from kingspore and I have been using the blade that came with my table saw for about 5 years and its time to upgrade/replace it. I have heard pretty good things about the frued blades and will probably get one of those. as for bandsaw I usually just use cheap box store since I use it mostly for roughing out stock but I would like to get a better blade. it will be a general purpose blade since if I'm doing detail cutting I generally use my scroll saw.
  10. I need to replace some supplies, like belt sandpaper, sanding disks, bandsaw blades, tablesaw blades, ect…. where do you guys get the best product for the money, I would like to get good items for the best prices? What company.sites give good products for cheapest price. Also need a dado stack any recommendations?
  11. There just the generic plastic blastgate. The two sides separate from one another.
  12. My dust collecting system has a Flaw. The blast gates tend to break at the joint so one side separates from the other. Will aluminum fix that problem? What is a cheapest source of blast gates? And I was thinking to sandwich the edges of plastic blast gates with wood to reinforce that join so they can’t separate.
  13. I always see people making shop furniture that is trimed in exotic hardwoods and then fully sanded to like 600 grit before being finished. But that is in magazines and on YouTube. How many people put that much effort in their shop furniture. I have been working on a cabinet for my drill press and I recycled plywood so it has hole drilled in it and marks on it. I didn’t tape off my cuts so the veneer is chipped. I only sanded 60 grit to clean up saw marks. I don’t plan on putting poly ect on it. Hell even the drawer front aren’t evenly spaced on it. But it’s shop furniture. Only needs to be functional. So how many of you make shop furniture as nice as actual furniture. is there any reason to make shop furniture fully finished like actual furniture?
  14. I used to teach my student in my wood shop class. There is no such thing as mistakes. Only ways to cover them up. Most people would not even know that there is supposed to be a dado…. Hell on a small box you probably could have gotten away with just gluing the partition in since it won’t get any stress or support much weight and a flat joint would have worked.
  15. Went to a few cabinet shops around here to see if they had some scraps and off cuts in their dumpsters for some jigs, templates, and wall mounts. Sigh….
  16. Well wish you had gotten your money but decent sander, if nothing else change plug and sell it. I’m guessing since he seems incompetent he will probable be broke and out of business
  17. What a time to get back into wood working and I decide to build some cart/cabinets and the price of plywood is insane. Almost cheaper to build out of hardwood and do huge glue ups. anyone else cut back on how much or Change what they made because of cost of lumber/ plywood
  18. Decide what you want to make then buy tools General wood working are tablesaw, drill press, mitersaw, (hardwoods need jointer, planer. wood turner-are lathe, bandsaw, tablesaw, grinder, turning tools handtool-workbench, lots of saws, handplanes, chisels ect(jointer,planer save lots of time) carving-workbench, foredom, carving tools, carving bits. most of my tools are used and if there quality tools they hold up a long time and hold there value if you want to sell. I’m central Illinois as well if you want too see my shop come on over to Kankakee and I’ll give you some pointers and advice
  19. best part is all the parts came from big box store.
  20. any size you want to drill out i made it for quarter stock.
  21. only weld was on base could not figure out how to mount that had to have someone do that since i have no welding skills
  22. been a hard year and half since I did any wood working, painting ect.... working on house, new relationship, lost relationship, new job....hate it…quite start totally new career, had some close family members pass.....sigh.....just alot and just now feeling like working on some of the things I love.
  23. First let me say I’m cheap and I don’t want to spend like 200-300 dollars for a carving jig Designed for lathe chucks. So when I saw a bolt with 1 x 8tpi threading I decided to see if I could make one and this is what I came up with. It can rotate back and forth, get higher up and the arm can angle up and down where ever I want to carve at. Carve standing or siting down
  24. Here is a lathe hollowing system that I made only thing left is to make some deep reach bits and add a laser pointer but it can start carving right now. I added some needle bearings to get it to rotate smoothly.