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    Hobbyist woodworker constantly learning and striving to improve my skills. Started woodworking about 10 years ago when I inherited my grandfather's Craftsmen contractor saw. Been at it ever since (minus about a 2.5 year break when my living situation required me to put tools into storage). Enjoy making furniture, decorative boxes and other odds and ends. Many of my projects recently and in the near future will be things to build out my new garage space.
  1. Is there a TWW Fantasy Football League forming again this year? If so I want in - I sure hope there is room to get in. If we get say enough to fill two leagues even better. Would be cool if we ended up with 20 or 24 to make two 10 to 12 team leagues. I have seen large leagues that split the league into divisions and/or conferences and the conferences each do their own draft. Then they do a playoff in the conferences until the FFL Superbowl and only the two winners of the conferences play against each other. In the Superbowl game they don't worry if the two opponents may have some p
  2. OK we need to run this jerk over a non-flesh detecting table saw a few times until he yells "Uncle" and agrees to stop this bullsh*t!!! For the neanderthals out there you can sharpen your chisels and turn your hand saws into bone saws and go after the guy that way. I just don't get why anyone would take the time or effort to do this - what nonsense. Well I order the Woodwhisperer cap to replace the one my teething 6 month old german shepherd pup had for breakfast the other day and bought some other stuff on the TWW site in support of this. I encourage others to do the same to help
  3. Oh and of course you picked soft maple because its so much gentler on baby's bottom then hard maple - LOL.
  4. Well in Marc's case he also forgot to add to the list diapers, baby wipes and formula for Mateo After all the Roubo bench is the top of the line diaper changing table didn't ya' know.
  5. Also make sure your feed rollers on the planer are clean. Clean them with mineral spirits. I run a lot of Southern Yellow Pine through mine and the rollers can build up with pitch after a while and they start to lose their grip. So occasionally I raise the cutter head all the way up and take a rag liberally soaked with mineral spirits and wipe down the rollers and that seems to help them get their grippiness (is that a word?!?!) back. Still though it will be interesting to see if my Delta 13" planer can handle the weight of the slabs when I get to doing that here in a couple of months.
  6. My Delta 8" joiner can run on either 110 or 220. Right now mine is wired for 110 since that's all I have in the garage. Eventually I will add some 220 outlets in the garage and may re-wire the joiner for 220 at that point.
  7. You missed an important one going on for the guild right now Marc. The special discount pricing Benchcrafted is giving to guild members for their leg, wagon and moxon vise hardware and the full benchmakers package (includes vises and other bench hardware to build a split top roubo). that's been in effect since before the roubo bench build began and will end about 6 months after the last bench build video is released. If your lookign at joining the guild and need to build a bench now's the time to hop on board. I am just a few weeks away from ordering my bench builder's package from Benchcr
  8. Sounds like the Endurovar makes the most sense - I need a fairly thick protective coat as this is something that will get some abuse on its surface.
  9. OK I have some sanded pine plywood I want to stain in the very near future. I am going to be using Charles Neil's blotch control and General Finishes water based dye. So my question is this on top of it I want a polyurethane film type finish. I am seriously considering using General FInishes waterbased urethane or varnish products - either their High Performance Polyurethane Water Based Top Coat or their Endurovar Water-base Polyurethane Varnish Does anyone have experience with either of these? My preferred method of application is to wipe it on so I would like for it
  10. Yes use a pre-stain wood conditioner on woods prone to blotching. Best use one known to do a wonderful job like Charles Neil's Blotch control. You pretty much have to order it online from him directly and get it shipped. I just ordered some to use on sanded pine plywood. Here's a review of the blotch control at lumberjock's website http://lumberjocks.com/reviews/1430. I was really impressed with how this stuff worked for this reviewer on poplar that had a lot of green heartwood and whiter sap wood and after using the blotch control and then dye on the wood got poplar to stain and look
  11. Some good suggestions are already in the forum - I found this thread Oct 2010 on staining poplar with a lot of good suggestions for how to get good stain results.
  12. Marc, Here's a link to my Adirondack summer guild build blog posts: Sawkerf Blog Adirondack Chairs 2011 Summer Guild Build I need to finish it up - I set it aside when I got to the final assembly and sanding stage so I could work on holiday and birthday gifts (in my family there are five January birthdays so I end up with a massive set of builds for gifts at the end of every year). I will get back on these chairs and have them done in time to go on our deck for spring time and then I can get started on the split top roubo bench.
  13. There are only two reviews up for this book on Amazon. The five star review reviewed the print edition. The other guy who reviewed it gave it a 1 star but he had the Kindle edition and is complaining that none of the pictures look right on the Kindle in black and white. I can see how a book that is full of a lot of color pictures would be difficult to gain much of the information from on an e-Ink eReader. I have his Understanding Wood FInishign book and I know I have heard Marc and Matt discuss it on Wood Talk Radio as kind of a bible on finishing. I have not had my hands on Finishing 1
  14. Popular Woodworking's book sales site has Bob Flexner's Finishing 101 book on sale until midnight tonight (January 19, 2011) for $1. I thought other Woodwhisperer folks might want to get this most excellent book while it it is priced so incredibly low. For those who do not know Flexner knows finishing inside and out and he has another book Understanding Wood Finishing which is a very complete tome about everything you wanted to know about finishing and a lot of details you probably don't care to know, its a good book but honestly almost too much detail. Read the Understanding Wood Finis
  15. Hey Mark, You should get a lot out of the Guild. Marc's definitely a good teacher and coach and there are a lot of helpful folks in the guild. My friends in Galveston say I live in South Dallas but truthfully its in the Springs/Woodlands area just north of Houston.