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    I've been doing this for just a couple years now but I just love everything about woodworking. I still love the smaller projects, though.
    I live a very exact life that requires a fast pace a following everything to the letter. I think one of the things I love most about woodworking is that I can make anything anyway I want to whenever I want to. I can make something beautiful however I think it should be ... and if I make a mistake ... oh well ... it's still beautiful and nobody can tell me it's not.

    Man I love making sawdust!
  1. That is awesome that you had the guts to take the big step. It'll be beautiful. I'm getting started with mine but haven't quite signed the deal yet. I can't take that final step like you did. :-) A couple of y'all were asking for info. Here's how I'm doing it and my details. Maybe it'll help a little. I looked around at a couple different shops in the area to get estimates on installing a shed, ideas of what would be the best way to install one, and how much it would cost. I'm going to have to get a tree removed, also, and then get my ground leveled out a little. To get an accurate
  2. I found out the problem guys. It was just that the stain has gone bad. I took off the bad layer of stain with Mineral Spirits (following the advice of Steve from WWMM) then put on a fresh coat. Wiped it off in just a couple of minutes and left it to dry for 6 hours. It was still sticky and then was still this morning. I threw that old can away and will go get some fresh stuff this afternoon.
  3. - I was putting a coat of a dark minwax stain on an oak shelf I was finishing last night and it looked perfect. When I wiped it off the bottom side of the board (after it had been on for about 5 minutes) the color was way too light so when I put it on the top side I left it on for about 15 minutes to give it more time for the color to set in. The shade was perfect but the stain had turned into syrup and wouldn't come off. I left it to dry all night but it was still a thick and sticky syrup this morning. - I used a 2:1 combo (stain:mineral spirits) - To try and make a hard surface on
  4. Thank you guys alot. All of those will work out great for me. I'll use the badge to make the shape I need on a piece of mdf. Then I've got the right pattern for a template to use my router on instead of trying to freehand this. Now it's easy. Thanks.
  5. I'm building a bezel to put on the front of a guitar amplifier. In the center of that I will screw in an OVAL SHAPED NAME BRAND BADGE. I need to recess this about 1/4 inch into the wood. I've never done anything like this and am concerned about what would be the best way to follow that shape freehanded and only going to the proper depth. The best thing I can think of is to use my drill press dropping down about 1/8" at a time and then using a chisel to get out the edges the best I can. It doesn't have to be perfect because it will be covered up with snakeskin when I'm done making it f
  6. Sorry, guys. I'm up in Wichita Falls at the borderline. I've not been doing this for long but I sure do love it and have alot of fun getting the skillpack loaded up.
  7. Thanks alot, Ace. That was exactly what I needed to improve the search on the web and track it down. Have a great one and good luck with that new project.
  8. - My buddy is a guitar player and came across a picture of a beautiful guitar that had a fantastic finish on it. The article read that it was really beat up when the guy got it and that he refinished it by sanding it in a T-cut and then applying the finish to it. Then doing this over and over. I can't find out what a "T-cut" is. - I'm sure somebody has an idea, right?
  9. Jeremy, I refinished and half-rebuilt a cedar chest for blankets just last weekend. It had the tongue and groove fit just across the bottom like Jimmy did, but it was also reinforced underneath with 1/2 X 4 slats cut to length. That's plenty of cedar for the look and scent to make it beautiful. T think that reinforcement was really needed, though. It had about the same dimensions as yours (but was rounded across with a treasure chest style) and I put 5 slats instead of the three that were originally there. Also, like boise was saying, if you use screws for the reinforcement and the tongue
  10. TxSawdust

    Getting Started

    I'm getting started and loving it!
  11. Sac, I would use the linseed oil also, but what kind of wax would you put on something like that? I've never added that to a finish before. J.P., get a picture out here for us, man. I'd really like to see the combination of those woods.
  12. TxSawdust

    rustic candleholder.jpg

    These were made from a pallet I picked up by a dumpster. Their clean cut surfaces next to their rustic surfaces made a great combination ... almost as great as the fact that they were free.
  13. This is 1/2" of Pine done in a natural finish on the two outside layers with 1/4" of Birch touched up with a dark oak in the middle. They run 3"x6" all together. My wife loved them too much and is making me knock out a few more sets for Christmas presents.
  14. TxSawdust


    Very nice. I made a couple candlestick holders myself this weekend. I like this one alot.