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  1. I build the box first then apply the veneer. I think it gives a cleaner look to the veneer.
  2. not guilty. Bought some good waterstones just last year and expect to use them later in the year...
  3. I stopped the on-line part too. I like the magazine - love to look at projects I could never possibly do... I only really follow three woodworking websites:
  4. Generally you'd tape the pieces all toghter and glue them down as a unit with either yellow glue or a cold press glue. You don't need a vac press, cauls and clamps work too or just put a sheet of plywood over the whole thing and add weights (water bottles, blocks of concrete, bricks, drive your car on it). Contact cement isn't a good idea. You might find it useful to checkout these marquetry tutorials at the the American Maquetry Socitey website: The Britihs Marquetry site also has some great information:
  5. I have three or four. One in design, one being cut, one I'm putting finish on and one I trying to figure out why the heck I built it that way.
  6. I had some experience with UL back when I was doing computer hardware for a living. Even for a professional electrical engineer the UL regulations and requirements are confusing at best. We had a product that we thought would be a slam-dunk for UL listing and it was rejected before they started the tests (we’d filled out the application form wrong - we said it was a computer, they said otherwise and refused to test). We ended up having to hire a consultant that specialized in getting products tested by UL and other agencies to appeal the decision and get the testing done. Best money we eve
  7. I use a standard 2 button mouse with a scroll wheel on my Mac when I am doing sketchup. Works just fine. Also check your mouse set up under system preferneces, with one mouse I had to change settings there to get the right click to work.
  8. When I got the scroll saw I was choosing between buying a bandsaw and a scroll saw. I picked the scroll because I do more marquetry than anything else. So far I've not regretted the choice. I love the things I can make on the scroll saw and so far I’ve not missed the bandsaw.
  9. I've been doing a lot of scroll saw work lately. Here is a spaceship puzzle I just finished. The wood is cherry and yes it took a long time to cut. The space ship is about 10" high and the little space people are about 1.5" I was making for a Christmas present but after finishing I thing it's going under the tree with MY name on it.
  10. That is a great project. I love it!
  11. This is just one of those fun projects that everyone in my house enjoys. It’s not high art or fancy wood working. The pattern for this came from issue 48 of “ScrollSaw Woodworking and crafts.” I gave the finished little sheep to my wife and she’s already using it for her knitting. The project was cut on the scroll saw and the wood is just 1” pine from the big box store. My wife painted the little guy with acrylic paint and we put a clear varnish over that.
  12. I get it. My shop is right next the laundry room and when upgraded the plumbing in there a few years ago we put in a utility sink right next to the door to my shop. It’s made so many little things just that much easier.
  13. It’s FreeCAD An open-source software project that claims to be a 3D CAD modeler. The price is right - you can download it for free. It’s been around for a few years but not gained that much traction in the wood working world. The reviews on it have always been mixed. If you were looking to add a CAD component to your class this would be okay. Teaching AutoCAD might give your students a better “real world” skill but if just want to teach them the basics of 3D design tools and design in general then Sketch-up is just as good. For wood working my feeling is that you’d get more support an
  14. I asked a person in my company's account department and they said they require a W-9 for any individual they are paying more than $1000 to - doesn't matter for what, services, goods, etc. Past account fraud, IRS rules, investor lawsuits have all worked to make many big corps just plain paranoid about their paper trails.
  15. If they are required to file a 1099 to the IRS for moneys paid to you they can require the W-9 to get your tax ID information. It could just be standard accounting practice at the big corp to request a W-9 for anyone they are making a lagre (over $1,000) payment to. A lot depends on the nature of the contract you're discussing with them - are the labor charges being bill seperatly or is it just one number for a piece of furniture. A call to your account would be in order to be sure your situation requires it but you could risk losing the sale if you refuse to provide the information.