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    Just getting started. Working on a Nicholson bench right now and some small boxes.
  1. Thanks guys. I'm going to try to check them in person.
  2. It's at least a few months off, but I'm stating to plan an upgrade to a cabinet saw. I still definitely a beginner but even saw my jobsite saw is showing it's limitations. I thought I'd follow the advice to get my last tool first (well second) and step up to a 3HP cabinet. I've been mostly thinking SawStop or PM2000. One thing that has me questioning the Saw Stop is the table size. At least with the T glide fence they only offer a huge table. And I've read "you definitely want the T glide". My first thought was that I didn't want to give up that much of my small shop to such a big table. M
  3. Oh and I'll add that since I am in a basement with little noise isolation, a quiet machine is a good machine
  4. Jumping on this thread: I'm pretty new to the dust collection game. I've got a shop vac which works... OK. I have a DW735 and just use the built in ejection fan, a bench top table saw, and old powermatic 8" jointer, a 14" bandsaw and Rigid drill press. I use the shop vac on the table saw and everything else I use a dust mask, if anything. I'd like to step up to a cabinet saw in the not to distant future. My shop is in the basement and is about 20x10 + 8x9. I've convinced myself I need to get a proper dust collector. My biggest limitation is that I have 220 in the shop, but only one circuit
  5. Yeah, that's the one Ends of the World. I definitely know it's not the be all and end all for dust collection. Right now I'm using a shopvac, so some improvement is needed in this space. I suspect a dust collector would be a better place to start, but most people seem to end up with both a collector and a filter (at least that's my impression, maybe I'm wrong) and this is a close drive. Also this doesn't require the ages of research and planning tubing that proper dust collector does.
  6. Hey guys, I found a Jet air filter on Craigslist It's claimed to be brand new and unused, which seems kind of suspicious to me, especially since it's $150. I mean, I can see buying a tool that you never get a chance to use, but an air filter? Wouldn't you just install it the first day you get it? I think I've see this before, and a few other "new in box" tools that seem suspicious. Any scams to watch out for? Assuming this is legit, anything to check for when buying this? Other than it turns on? I've never owned an air filter before. Frankly, it's not a super high priority right now,
  7. I don't think those will work for music. I've started moving my music into "the cloud" and I've used both the Google Music app and the Amazon app. Google let's you keep 20K songs for free. Amazon charges $25/year for 250K songs. For Google you need to upload all your MP3s to them which can be quite slow (several days depending on your connection). Amazon I think can recognize most music and not need to actually upload it, which is much faster. You can also just dump your music onto the phone with a USB cable. The nice part about having it in the cloud is you can listen to any song you