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  1. Yes. You might be running low actually.
  2. I tend to agree with you. I just see people bring it up when talking about venting outside and it is something to consider. I actually just moved into a new shop and I plan on venting outside too.
  3. If you have a heated garage your biggest problem is going to be blowing all your heat out the side of your house in the winter.
  4. I quite enjoy chopping mortises and tenons with a chisel. Practice, practice, practice. My first chiseled mortise probably took me an hour. Now- boom, boom, boom. I quite enjoy hand cutting dovetails too. I get personal satisfaction from a job well done and from using a skill that not many others have.
  5. I have an HF less than a mile from me. As been stated many times - F clamps. I buy two 6" or 12" every time I go in. Use them all the time. Absolutely AVOID the black and orange clamps, if they even sell them any more.
  6. A while back I was given a hackberry tree by a friend. I'm down to the very end of it, so I used the last of my lumber to make her a gift box to say thank you. video:
  7. I have had fantastic customer service from amazon over their online chat.
  8. Right when I was getting ready to order I got my Lee Valley catalog in the mail. This set is a new listing from them and comes as a package deal. Includes LA Jack with a 25 degree iron, LA Block with a 25 degree iron, and an LA Smoother with both 25 and 50 degree irons. So in the end I set out to buy two planes and ended up with three. The savings is 15% when you buy the package, so for just a little more scratch I was able to get the smoother with two blades. These are my first new planes, and really, some of the first new tools I've ever owned. I have to say I am very thank
  9. Well, my goodies came in the mail today! Thank you every one for the opinions and advice, it truly made my decision more difficult.
  10. 1/4 or 1/2 mdf or plywood. whatever i have laying around that is the right size.
  11. I just got my Lee Valley catalog. I see I can get a set with a LA Jack, LA Smoother, and LA Block plane for $530. I may just buy them.
  12. Here is something similar made by Chris Wong, who I believe is a forum member here. I think he used a draw knife for the bulk of it. I could be mistaken though.
  13. I didn't know this and it does make a big difference to me.
  14. After reading everyone's replies I am even more confused as to what to buy. LOL! Now a plow plane is sounding good! It would get some use. I kind of re-evaluated what I need/want. I NEED a new block plane. My old stanley block plane is my most used plane, and the most fickle because of a missing part. So a new block plane is at the top of the list. BUT, I'd still like a rabbeting plane. Are there any reasons why a LN rabbeting block plane couldn't also be used like a regular block plane? I understand people not wanting "swiss army" planes, but I'm trying to get the most bang
  15. Ok this is what I'm thinking: Veritas low angle jack and veritas right hand rabbeting block plane.
  16. We get it, you dont like 5" sanders. To stay on topic: how does this compare to other 5" ROS sanders? Currently using a Dewalt which I really like. Is this worth the money to upgrade? I would say I get 99.999% dust collection with my Dewalt sander.
  17. I have a fairly complete set of planes. A couple different jack planes, one smoother(considering upgrading this as well), a standard block plane, a couple router planes, a fore plane. No jointer plane, I dont have the need and the fore plane gets the job done. They are all just old. I think a LA jack would fit pretty nicely, since I don't have any low angle planes. Rabbeting block plane would be for joinery, primarily. My preference would be for something heavier. Thanks for the info!
  18. This is kind of the way I am leaning. Kinda bummed Veritas doesnt make a rabbeting block plane, I read about how much people love their regular block planes all the time. If I remember the LN and LV LA jacks are roughly the same price. Is one really any better than the other?
  19. I got a nice little bonus from my work and I have decided to treat myself and buy some NEW planes! Every plane I own I've bought used at flea markets, thrift stores, etc and restored to usable. Here are my questions so far: I plan on buying a low angle jack plane, I just don't know if I want a low angle rabbeting jack plane or not. Can I use a rabbeting jack for normal jack plane work? L-N or Veritas? Or do I get a regular low angle jack plane and a rabbeting block plane?
  20. I would think almost all epoxy would be food safe after it cures. Every restaurant table around here has a 1/4" layer of epoxy on top.
  21. mds2

    Dogs and noise

    My older dog, a Rat Terrier, hates the noise. I think it has far more to do with being really old and wanting to have quiet place to sleep. The new dog, one year old golden retriever, does not care one bit. He is completely fascinated with the jointer when it is running. Enjoy your new dogs and eventual children.
  22. My standard answer when someone asks if I can make them something out of pallets - "only if its a bonfire"
  23. I like these a lot:
  24. I find veneer scraps work well for this.