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  1. Hey West Michigan woodworkers! A friend of mine who does professional videography is looking for a woodworking shop that has lots of hand tools visible on the walls and has a good "old" vibe, if that makes sense. They are filming someone doing a relief carving and then inking it and pressing an image. The company is Match Frame Creative. It would only be for a couple hours. Thought I would throw it out there if anyone here might know of a good option. Let me know if you or someone you know might be interested! -Scott
  2. I'm interested in the TiteMark and also possibly your Shapton stones.
  3. I approve of this thread! Wooden planes for the win. Of course, I tend to think they don't need all those extraneous handles and such.
  4. SMeekWoodworks

    28" Try Plane

    Pictures of the 28" Try Planes that I make, in White Oak, Maple, and Sapele
  5. My Lie-Nielsen #4 is what got me started down my hand tool addiction path. A bronze one would just be icing on the cake! Even though I use wood planes almost exclusively now, I will never get rid of my LN #4.
  6. I really like the looks of that bandsaw! Hoping to upgrade in the next couple of months and that may be the direction I look first.
  7. I love this thread!!! Not sure how I missed it the first time. Great looking planes mds! As for low angle wood planes, I did attempt one at around 15º, believe it or not. It was bevel up. It was a couple of years ago. Not very successful. I still have it, but if you breath too hard on the wedge, it wants to blow out the bottom. Not nearly enough wood under the front of the blade. I've thought about trying it again someday with a brass sole. Who knows. That said, I make my Block Planes with approximately a 37º bed angle, which is still pretty low. It actually is the same as a low angle b
  8. If I were upgrading chisels right now, I'd have a hard time not going with the PM-v11. The thought of less sharpening is VERY appealing to me. I sharpen enough with every plane I send out the door. That said, I so badly want to try some sweet Japanese chisels also. So yeah, I'm no help. HAHA
  9. Just a heads up, I have some planes that are ready to ship up on my website. Let your friends and family know that if they order before December 12, it will arrive in time to give it to you for Christmas. Or, just skip the middleman and buy one for yourself. I won't tell.
  10. Shannon Rogers needs to get himself out there to teach him how to cut those dovetails.
  11. Welcome to the club! Just be careful if you ever start making your own tools. It is a whole new level of addiction!
  12. I lived in Hastings, MI until last year when I moved to Asheville, NC. Not missing the winter.
  13. The parallel guides are expensive, yes, but if you are going to be needing narrow cuts often and don't want to buy a table saw (I sold mine and don't ever plan on replacing it), it is worth every penny.
  14. Congrats man! That is such a great feeling to own tools that once belonged to your ancestors.
  15. Mesquite is amazing! It is my favorite wood for making planes. As Lawrence mentioned, it is incredibly stable, which is perfect for my uses of it. Beautiful pieces by the way, Lawrence!