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  1. mikepdarr


    No. It is corian or some sort of solid surface
  2. I just used yellow glue for the plywood laminate. I used two part epoxy to set the plywood to the Corian.
  3. I went to a local reclaim store and bought a piece of corian counter top. I cut it to size with my tablesaw. I then laminated three sheets of cabinet ply together. All this mounted to the extension table of the saw.
  4. So what happens to the braces inside the hull? Do you leave them in? Take them out? Do they just wiggle out?
  5. Maybe padauk? I love the smell of it.
  6. Wow!!!! Very nice job Rob. You should be proud. People will enjoy this for years to come.
  7. Go to a craft store or custom picture framing shop. They have a really thin durable double sided tape. I used to work in a chop shop(frame shop) when I first moved to Florida.
  8. I was the same way for years. The Starrett is expensive. Once you hold one and start moving the parts you realize why. The marks on the ruler are very well scribed and easy on the eyes. I saved my gift cards and bought one. I was cringing at the register the whole time. When I got home and used it for the first time, no regrets. One more time, no regrets. Oh and just for accuracy , it is not accuarte. Should have bought a Starrett. hehe Sorry I had to.
  9. As long as the two edges of your board are parallel.
  10. I made the same one. Bought the wheels at harbor freight. Thing is awesome.
  11. If you have more money than time, buy a table or band saw.
  12. I agree with lamination, more pressure is needed. Tight seamless joints should be able to be pulled together with minimal clamping force, if they are cut right. Not saying I am perfect at cutting. Just saying in a prefect world that should be a possibility. If you have to apply that much force, there is a bend or a bow or some other imperfect joint.
  13. They have 100lbs of clamping pressure. So the box says. If much more is needed maybe a new cut or joint is needed. I picked up three sets while I was there. Like RJ said, the little clamps are like toys.