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  1. I agree with roger using dull tools does not cause catches, catches are caused solely by tools not being presented to the work correctly. It is important to prevent tear out and make cleaner cuts but knowing what causes catches is important for safety. That claim is simply false while I don't have rogers experience I do have a fair amount of experience on a lathe. Sharpness does however have an effect on the quality of the cut and long term means less time sanding and prep for finish. I really think its important to make that distinction because new turners often get fustrated not knowing why
  2. I bought my G3 refurbished they have it for 89 to 99. when i bought mine it was 89. http://novatoolsusa.com/RECONDITIONED-NOVA-G3-Wood-Turning-Chuck-48202-R.htm basic set 50mm jaws wrench to open jaws. the only thing it needed was the adapter for your lathe.
  3. mike i just wear flip flops that eliminates the socks problem just dont drop anything on your feet.
  4. and down the rabbet hole you go lol. hard not to watch his videos and not want to go all galoot. love his videos is what I am saying.
  5. main reason for kiln drying pieces that have already been turned isn't impatience its consistency. if you can control the way it dries it makes for much more consistent results. to each his own i guess.
  6. another grammercy vote, they here work well.
  7. I have a nova G3 chuck decent price and a great little chuck. It will be easier if you buy one with a key instead of two bars for tightening the jaws.
  8. when using large bits slower is better too. the larger the bit the slower you rpms of the lathe.
  9. i prefer the non carbide tools. main thing is cost is really high. plus carbide tools dont teach you proper turning techniques. take it for what its worth thats an opinion. thompson tools sells some nice tools. http://www.thompsonlathetools.com/default.asp i have a mix and match of high carbon steel, high speed steel and a bowl gouge from thompson. id like to get his detail gouge. the high carbon stuff does ok but not great my high speed steel tools are good too but the thompson stuff is much better than both.
  10. do you have Southern Yellow Pine available to you? I used it in my bench.
  11. id say rockler first but those lathes are pretty highly cloned and you can probably find parts that fit it from jet etc.
  12. i use brass wire i got from hobby lobby that i bend to shape and glue in.
  13. got rogers in the mail today looks nicer in person too. thanks cindy
  14. if you look at the grain orientation you notice from the side of the lathe the end grain can be seen that's perpendicular to the ways of the lathe bed. if the end of the grain is pointing to the tailstock and headstock thats parallel to the ways of the bed.
  15. what bear said and also you are turning in bowl orientation make sure you use a bowl gouge. spindle gouges can catch. also don't ever use a spindle roughing gouge with the wood in that orientation. spindle grain parallel to bed. bowl grain perpendicular to bed.