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  1. Oh, I know he does. Just not in his school.
  2. When doing my benchtop glue up, I did spend some time using a plane on the gluing surfaces to make sure that they mated well so that I wouldn't have to use a huge amount of clamp pressure to bring the last sections together. If it took you that much clamp pressure to close the gap, there's a chance that they might delaminate over time, but it's just as likely that depending on how you are going to mount the benchtop on your base, the base might resist that delamination. As far as whether F-clamps are suitable for a benchtop glue up:
  3. Well, Roy does seem to want the immersive western style woodworking hand tool experience: http://www.popularwoodworking.com/article/the_woodwrights_school/ I do see his logic, but the wood for a shoji would have been initially milled using boards sawn from a log using a maebiki, which makes a Disston look like a dovetail saw by comparison.
  4. I'll be there, along with some of the guys from our woodworking club. Going to WIA is my birthday present to myself, since my birthday will be that weekend.
  5. Definitely in. Even if St. Roy bans Japanese saws from his classes.
  6. Although I've been watching Marc's videos since "The Jointer's Jumping", which was right about the time I really started to get into woodworking, I haven't been a real active participant on the Wood Whisperer forums. Since this new forum is going up, I decided that today would be a good day to change that. I'm primarily interested in hand tool use, especially Japanese tools. If anyone has some time that they want to waste, I have a blog about that stuff at giantcypress.net.