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  1. Worse part of that is the guy recruited to help hold the board; he's trusting the 'expert' to keep him out of danger. Maybe he won't get hurt that far from the blade if something goes wrong, but he'd feel horrible if the 'expert' got hurt while he was helping thinking he was the reason.
  2. OF-2200 has great DC. Both benefit greatly from the D-36 hose (stock with the vac is the "tool" hose D-27). It's true these have been asked before (not so much here), but then there was a time when every week there was a new "which bandsaw should I buy" thread, every other week a new "which plane should I get next" (without power, they can't post these repeats as quickly).
  3. My friends generally leave toddlers unfinished although I'm partial to a thick film finish like Duct Tape.
  4. PaulMarcel

    AZ Floods

    The 6 drops of rain I got all came down at once. A bit of damage, but I should be able to fix it this weekend...
  5. That's still being a professional; YouTube is the marketing device.
  6. The only thing more views does is improve your placement on the right-side margin list of "other things you might like". Some of those are sponsored meaning someone is paying for better placement, but if your video that matches the search keywords has high views, it'll put it there, too, to fill out the list. Which results in that extra hundredth of a cent when someone picks it
  7. As for non-pro YouTubers, it's pretty much donated time, video hardware, etc. You have to like doing it cuz at no time do you get close to breaking even
  8. Some people say "yous" for plural "you". Every time they do, somewhere a kitten dies.
  9. You neglected to use a minimum of 5 industry-insider acronyms; minimum 10 if the OP stated he's a n00b (not this OP)
  10. I think I'd try the heat gun first; the heat on the bearing will expand the metal quickly and likely pop it off. Same reason over-machining metal bonded to wood often pops it off: the heat expands it to pop it off. Then try acetone.
  11. I was thinking the same: use making this project as the motivator to get the bandsaw setup. It will likely take you the same time to setup the bandsaw as to rip all those boards
  12. Love it... excellent creative idea with the plane shavings!
  13. I think photo editing will be about the same on any tablet you pick. There's at least iMovie for iPad. Pretty easy to trim clips, add transitions, use some themes for titling, etc. I think it is around $5. I dunno the Android tablet video offerings, but the Android tablet I used at work needed a new hamster... so pokey slow. Surface Pro would run any regular Windows desktop software (subject to the usual hardware limitations...need CUDA? then no, need OpenGL? okay). There are too many video editors on Windows to choose from. Surface RT might have some video editing available, but a quick search showed nothing you'd want
  14. The Veritas router plane can do that, as well. Using the blade 'outboard' like that helps when the body would get in the way (like a chisel plane). The blades for the router plane also work for the hinge mortise plane, which might give other possibilities.
  15. They've been super active with the painting industry this year; wouldn't surprise me at all.
  16. Excellent, thanks for scanning that!
  17. Did you find balancing the thing easy enough? Does it need re-balancing from time to time? I tried something like this long ago and put it in a drawer because of balance issues; it didn't have instructions for balancing
  18. Silly as it seems, Lee Valley had a promo item at Christmas long ago that was a low-powered microscope. As the catalog said: "excellent, too, for examining tool edges". I got it for that and every time I have a problem where something doesn't seem right with a blade, I look at it under that toy and sure enough I'll find some flat spot that is somehow escaping the stone. Not suggesting you get it or a loupe, but it might help. Also what Graham said: when I got some PM-V11 chisels, I noticed the first sharpening took longer than my A2s. I have no O1s to compare. Now that they are sharp, though, they go a long time and the touch-up is about the same as the A2 touch-up. Hmm, looks like they now carry that microscope as a regular catalog item:,53201 Free shipping through end of today if you add enough to hit $40. That's too easy.
  19. Sorry, should have specified. I don't have the Bench Dog model; it's an older Woodpecker's table
  20. Mine's in my extension wing. Guess I haven't had to make another cut that required even moving the router fence to notice the problem, but that would be one. The advantage is the footprint. Since my tablesaw has a nice built-in mobile base, I can also easily move the router table.
  21. I have 3 panels to spray today. I don't like spraying in the shop cuz of the over-spray mess, but spraying outside when it's 111º is basically sand-blasting the project. So... I'll spray at 2 or 3 am when it finally gets down to 76º...
  22. Jamestown pretty much has exclusive distribution it seems. But they are a good place so go with that. TotalBoat is available in more places, has low VOCs, water cleanup... but try it if you like, I haven't yet. I only got the quart kit two days ago and will be using it to stabilize bark for veneer this weekend, not the same thing you need to do.
  23. Also for seeing the profile, some profiles are awkward to trace due to size. Just shine a flashlight on it and look at the shadow. Very crisp. Further the lamp is to the bit, better it will be.
  24. I did a wood vanity top under a China bowl sink (that's what my plumber friend calls it: an above vanity sink bowl). It gets wet several times a day and looks identical to when I finished it 4 years ago. I used Smith's CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealant) to effectively waterproof the vanity top then applied Arm-R-Coat top finish varnish to get a satin sheen. If applied after the last coat of CPES dries (but is still curing), the CPES acts a bit like a cross-linker to the varnish giving it much better adhesion. Two coats of CPES is considered waterproof if you read the docs and this is in a boat environment where transoms get beat on by the sun and splashed with saltwater all day. If you use Smith's, do the coats outside and still wear a mask cuz it'll pickle your brain in a skinny minute. Also don't mix it in a plastic container or the bottom will dissolve out before you finish at least if you mix it in a Solo cup... keep those for thinning ice cubes with shellac thinner Yesterday I received a very friendly CPES from TotalBoat. Have not yet tried it, but the results should be the same. CPES isn't a final top coat.