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  1. A router usually cuts cleaner dados than a saw blade. How much better is debatable. I find my dado set cuts very acceptable, dado, in my ts, or ras. Just much easier and faster in the ras. I find it faster than using a router and moving the guide each time. One advantage is having a ras, that isn't a pos.
  2. By all means use the saw you have. I think it's one of last of the best CM ras's. You might Google, Emerson radial arm saw recall. They will send a post paid box, for you to return the motor, and send you a copy. For $100. Think, I'm going on my 16th return! Shop money! You can be sure, I had and used the same model saw you have until the DeWalt showed up, then got $100 for it. FYI. A more powerful Ras, doesn't try to self feed much at all.
  3. If you think the 1974 Craftsman ras is a lot better than the newer one you are right. I've had both. A good Dewalt is even much better than the 1974 Craftsman. Day and night.
  4. Just wondering, if you consider ripping a 1 x 3" board into 1/4 x 3" strips, on a ts, a resaw? I do it and don't see a problem.
  5. I just picked up a second Shopsmith 10 er, because it had the speed changer on it. It can be set up for higher or lower speeds. Lower is what I think I should look for. What are the different speeds best for?
  6. Another idea if anyone is still reading. I made a horizontal lumber rack, that I load from the end. I store boards on edge, so any 1 board can be slid out without moving others.
  7. Anyone use a flush trim bit with a square bearing? Experiences? https://www.woodworker.com/34-diameter-14-shank-euro-trimmer-mssu-102-845.asp
  8. As the man said "A man's got to know his limitations" For this reason alone, some people shouldn't own a ras. Most all machines in the shop can cause injury.
  9. One trick pony? Then a slider must be a partial trick pony. A ras can do much more than a slider. Table saw instead? Picture a job I had. Cut about 8, 1 1/2" deep x 1" wide dados in each of 2 2x4's. 16 total. How long to setup supports and cut on a ts? How about, less then 5 minutes on a ras! Sure it can be done on a ts, but much easier on a ras. I have used my ras to cut cove mouldings. Nice to see the cut doing dados and coves. I've used it to dish out a pieces of wood. I wouldn't want to be without mine. Then again, I know what it can do and know how to use it. Sure would like to know what a slider can do, that a ras can't. Other than be carried off by a thief! Light weight is the only advantage I see, and only if you need it mobile.
  10. What brand and model is the ras? If one of the good brands/models, someone here, who appreciates the advantages of them, might be interested.
  11. I've had ras's for quite a few years. Mine is a major part of my shop. I use it for 90% of all crosscuts, and dados. Nice to see the dado as it's cut. About 10 years ago I had an old Craftsman ras. I was at box store and playing with the shinny, plastic sliders. With the motor/blade at the end of the arms, you could deflect the blade sideways a lot, with slight pressure. Very discouraging. I went home and tried it on my ras. Very little deflection. Decided I didn't want a slider. Since then I now have a 12" Dewalt 7790. A keeper! Note: A ras requires a number of adjustments to get it setup right. Then your good to go.
  12. Haven't used that, but at a yard sale, I bought 4 gallons of "Rust Aid" for $2! I bought it for iron well water stains. I just tried it on a 1950's CM table saw top, and it worked like magic!
  13. I have a Jet (same as newer Powermatic) fence on my old Delta 14" bs. I like it a lot. I don't have a riser, and resaw 5-6" with just the fence and 2 featherboards, with spacers, between them. My fence was from a 16" Jet, and I just had to reposition, the clip and glide on the end. The 2" extra length doesn't hurt when resawing.