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  1. I'm going to be building along, but I'm going to be building 2 out of 2 sheets of plywood. I'm building them to act as bedrails on a bed i'm building also. They are only going to be 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 x 80 and are going to lay on the 80" side facing out. Just trying to decide on how to face out the ply though. I like the screening material, but if I make the shelves (dividers) flush, then there is the roundover to deal with. Any ideas other than insetting them a smidge? Jon
  2. There is Summers Lumber in Lavergne area, pretty good prices and lumber. I think there is a place downtown, but never been. If you don't mind driving a bit, this place is great. It's in Woodbury, TN.
  3. Still cheaper on amazon with free shipping than those two sites
  4. Trim router deal That's weird, it took the full link to that little thing Thanks Renzo
  5. That's an interesting way of cutting raised panels Bill. I will have to remember that. It gives you curves instead of angles
  6. I believe that is it, I remember that episode also
  7. I like the second shirt the best
  8. I've heard that too, but I just went with shellac, about 4 coats of it and let it cure for a couple days Thank to everyone also
  9. Hello all, I usually lurk about in the chat, but haven't been around for a few month for a couple reasons. One was had to work 2 months of 7 days a week repairing a flooded lock, and the other is my wife and I just had a new baby. This is my first piece of furniture (that I've finished, started on a table but this took precedence) I've got to take some more pictures of it, but here is one completed and in use It is made out of walnut with a walnut stain to make it a bit darker. All done with M&T for the rails and slats and dowels for the rockers, no mechanical fasteners -Mil