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  1. Jfitz

    Dust collection

    If that's the DC I think it is...it fared pretty well in a DC review some years back, performing among the top units of that size when connected with either 4" or 6" duct. I'll +1 what Chestnut said above.....gate on each tool, open only one at a time, and keep a 6" as long as possible with a 4" drop to each tool.
  2. Jfitz

    Next, stop choosing

    Good luck with them! Type 9's don't have the frog adjustment mechanism, IIR....but still, even with the repair, I hope it cleans up nice and works out well for you. Just curious - throwing this out there...do people have any actual experience with the pros and cons of the corrugated soles? Lately I've been 'passing' on some planes because it doesn't really strike me as a necessary feature.
  3. Jfitz

    DeWalt 735- Shelix - Dust Collection

    Congrats on the upgrades! I still run straight knives on my jointer, but I also went with the Shelix on my 735 and have been very pleased. That certainly is curious.....with the built-in fan, I'd expect more than adequate performance even with a small DC such as the one you have. I have the 1.5HP Delta DC, piped with 4" PVC and I upgraded to a better Wynn filter; airflow from the DC is more than enough for the 735 (my 735 cannot 'overrun' my DC). I have 'some' stray chips come out, but nothing terribly concerning - and definitely nothing I would call a "pile". I have, on occasion, forgotten to turn on my DC, and the 735 all by itself has enough oomf to do a decent job collecting and sending the chips to my DC. My first thought is that your setup is airflow constrained - either by the bag on the DC unit (clogged with fine dust) or by thew hose/piping from the tool to the DC. I suppose you could run any number of experiments to isolate this is the issue - - First off, the obvious question.....are you using the 2 1/2" expandable hose, or the 4"? IMO the 4" is a must.... - Are you sure the internal fan (in the planer) isn't clogged or partially clogged? - if possible, connect the hose to the tool but not the DC and send it 'elsewhere' (outside a window would be great; off to the other side of the shop if you must) and see if you still have the same behavior. If this performs better, then it would seem the internal chip ejection fan is being constrained by the airflow that is being let through the DC system. - Run the hose from the tool to the DC, but without the bag at all (this could also get messy). Same thing - if it works 'better', than the filter is limiting the overall performance. If not, then it could be just that the combination of flex pipe and DC isn't big enough. - Make sure you have a clean bag on the DC - they often get caked/clogged on the inside with fine dust, which severely limits the airflow. A good cleaning will do wonders for your airflow. As for possible improvements... - invest in a larger DC - Use runs of piping where possible; the flex hose has a terrible impact on airflow, so minimize it at all costs. - upgrade to the DC to a quality canister filter (I use one from Wynn Environmental). Better airflow and better filtration. - Add a Super Dust Deputy to filter out the chips/dust before it gets to your DC filter. This might be 'overkill' for that particular dust collector, but it's something you could consider.
  4. My favorite is the SS PCS 3HP...because that's what I have in my shop The other saws are very nice too, and PM and Delta were on my final list of candidates. I went with the SS for reasons that are my own, and the saw has been fantastic. I would +1 going with 3HP
  5. Jfitz

    Entry/Hall Table

    I'm curious as to how you got to this as 'standard' (ARS followed by WB)...is that just to bring out the color of the darker woods? Why not stick with the ARS for the whole thing? Also...how thick is the top? it looks pretty beefy....and it 'floats' very nicely. Beautifully done.
  6. Jfitz

    Hello from Atlanta, Ga

    Hi Lee - welcome!
  7. Jfitz

    Entry/Hall Table

    Wow, that is gorgeous. The slight touch of sapwood on the front apron is beautifully done. And gee-dub stole your thunder because I didn't notice the floating top from the picture at first. I need to run outside and take of some yardwork but I'm looking forward to settling in and enjoying the video later today.
  8. Jfitz

    Sawstop Inline Router Table

    Nice! Let us know how it works out once you start using it.
  9. Jfitz

    Hello from Nashville TN

    Hi Michael, welcome!
  10. Jfitz

    Help me fine tune this DC piping?

    Which HF unit do you have? This might be outside the realm of "fine tuning", but you could look at replacing the impeller in the unit with a larger one. There's a thread on that here... https://www.woodtalkonline.com/topic/23656-harbor-freight-rikonstein-dc/
  11. Jfitz

    My final gift to my wife

    Wow. About all I can say. Thank you for sharing. And my most sincere condolences.
  12. Jfitz

    Learning to Joint Bowed Wood

    I've had a similar issue at time on my jointer - the same issue across the width because the blades were not set correctly (one side was taking off a lot more than the other - and if I set it to a very very light pass, one side would take off some and the other side none at all .... this made the board into a wedge), OR, if the tables are not set correctly. If they tgip "inwards" toward the cutter, you'll tend to take off more at the ends and then less or even none in the middle.
  13. Jfitz

    Help me fine tune this DC piping?

    This was my first thought. And, if you could keep it directly at level of the inlet to the cyclone, you could then rotate the conical part of the cyclone slightly so it would go directly to the pipes - eliminating at least a single 45.
  14. Jfitz

    Don't Ask

    I just watched I have plenty of brothers, and I like to think I'm the smart one for watching them do all the work.
  15. Jfitz

    Don't Ask

    Back in the 80's timeframe, my brother tried his hardest to drill a hole in a piece of wood using his brand-new state of the art cordless drill, with, with no success. Another brother promptly called him an idiot and took the drill. to try himself..only to product more smoke. The smart brother took the drill away from both of them...moved it from reverse to forward - and finished the task.