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  1. Jfitz

    DW 735 Problem

    I have never seen that - did a few quick searches and could not find anything like it either. I have the 735 and have never noticed a problem with the rollers...
  2. Jfitz

    Used SawStop

    I think benefit - and any inaccessibility is just an implementation issue.....the typical basement exterior access (around here anyways) is the basic bulkhead door and stairs that are rarely user friendly. Some houses have walk-out basements, but obviously you need to have the right piece of land for it. When we renovated I had them replace the "typical" entrance with a doghouse entrance with a nicer set of stairs. I highly recommend it. Back to the original topic ... I'd like to know this as well. I'm with Chestnut on this one - with his 'disassembly' philosophy. I moved my PCS down similar stairs with the help of a friend without disassembly - but it is significantly less weight than an ICS. If I was in your situation, I'd build a cradle around the saw - think of it as a sturdy shipping crate; secure several 2x6's (or some other size) on the stairs running up and down as 'runners', then tip the crate over onto the runners and then use a come-along or winch or something to pull the whole thing up the runners.
  3. Jfitz

    Hello from Cape Cod

    Hi Steve - Welcome! Always good to see another local guy join this great community. We spend a lot of time on the Cape, and do a lot of boating around the Islands. Nice looking bench. I hope you share pictures of the sideboard.
  4. Jfitz

    Classic Woodworking TV

    I believe this is just the evolution of the previous "Rough Cut: Woodworking with Tommy Mac" , after the lawsuits between the parties were settled. After getting rid of Tommy MacDonald and continuing the show with Tom McLaughlin (and keeping the "Rough Cut" name", MacDonald sued WGBH, who then countersued. Apparently it was settled earlier this year, and it looks like as a result they've had to rename and rebrand the show. Interesting that they've also had to go through all the old episodes and change them as well.
  5. Jfitz

    Matt's Hand Tool Cabinet

    I'm curious, what are the overall dimensions of the case? I'm a little limited in wall height where I'd want to mount it...
  6. Wow. If that had been Sawstop glasses, you'd have to replace the blade too.
  7. Jfitz

    Oneida and coupon codes?

    Guild member discount is 10% off of any dust collector over $1000.
  8. Jfitz

    Finishing shop furniture...

    I use LOF* finish. It's something I'm always familiar with, always have in the shop, and - since it's shop furniture, it never really needs to stand up (visually or critically) to a customer's environment. *LOF = left over finish. whatever I have from the most recent project. For me, it's usually some flavor of wipe-on-poly.
  9. Jfitz

    Harbor Freight DC with mods vs Grizzly G0548ZP

    What he said. "suction" is best described as the pressure differential. A shop vac has great suction - but is terrible for CFM, which is what you want for a dust collection system. However, you're on the right track - for the same CFM, dropping the pipe diameter increases the air speed.
  10. Jfitz

    Harbor Freight DC with mods vs Grizzly G0548ZP

    It absolutely is! just remember that both CFM and linear speed are important. If you're only getting 350cfm at the tool, then you'll also be getting 350CFM all the way to the collector, so be sure any larger pipe still gets decent linear speed. Also, a horizontal run needs less linear speed, but a vertical line up from a tool needs better linear speed in order to keep all the dust moving in the right direction.
  11. Jfitz

    Harbor Freight DC with mods vs Grizzly G0548ZP

    Only if they're all open at the same time. Install blast gates on each run or at each tool,and then you only need to plan for the tool. Plus, none of those DCs will be able to meet the requirements of airflow for 8" pipe. DC is all about airflow (CFM), but you need to maintain some amount of linear speed of the air in order to keep the dust/particles moving.
  12. Jfitz

    Popular Woodworking

    I got mine recently as well - haven't read it yet. I'm debating renewing - I might renew just the print version, since I enjoy actually flipping through the magazine - but they changed their electronic/online version to delivery through some app (Zinio) which I find terrible so at a minimum I won't be renewing any sort of online access. I agree on the content - it's not just something I find all that useful anymore. I think it's gone in a different direction since the shakeup they had a while back.
  13. Jfitz

    Dust Collector question

    I don't see why it wouldn't work......my only thought is to see what rpm it runs at - not sure if compressor motors are set up differently and use pulleys to drive appropriate RPM (versus the motor itself running at the desired RPM)
  14. Jfitz

    New Table Saw

    I have 2 Wixeys - one for depth on my planer, and angle unit for measuring tilt on my table saw. I totally love the one on my planer - in fact it's recently gone a little bonkers on me so I need to replace the electronic part (I think). I now realize how much I depend on it. The magnetic angle unit for my TS I don't use as much - as mentioned, it is only so accurate and seems to tend to be a fraction of a degree off. it's no better to me than the gauge on the front of my table saw, so it sees far less use. And +1 to the battery comments above - the depth unit on my planer seems to go through them frequently.
  15. Jfitz

    OneWay Multi Gauge find

    No idea. I emailed them....they said they've only been making them for 15 years so it can't be "that" old. The name on the dial indicator is different than what's on them now but that doesn't seem helpful. As long as it's solid and square, I'll clean it up and put it to use!