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  1. Hi Woodchuck - welcome!! Sounds like an interesting project. I'm not quite sure what it is, but from what I've seen in my work environment I'm thinking one of those systems that "raises" the desk system to be a standing desk, but can be lowered for a sitting desk if wanted. Again, thinking from my office environment, I think a lighter wood , with dark wood accents, should be considered an option. It depends on the office/environment in which it will be installed. +1 to the plywood suggestion. It's stable and flat and is a great material to use for the base for a project like this. Good luck - and be sure to take a lot of pictures!
  2. Jfitz

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    interesting. so maybe the drop-down is just to get the blade out of the way? I've managed to avoid activating the brake, so other than seeing a demo of it once I've never really 'experienced' it.
  3. Jfitz

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    I suspect the largest impact/damage of a misfire is to your wallet. AppleJ - i think a part you're missing is that the entire blade-carrying assembly (pulleys, arbor, raise/lower mechanism, etc) is also designed to 'soften' the blow of all that rotational energy by dropping below the table. This somehow transfers it into a more manageable form, rather than all that energy being absorbed by the deformation of the aluminum brake pawl. I'm sure the cartridge absorbs a lot, but there's more than just the cartridge.
  4. Jfitz

    SawStop inadvertent brake activation causes

    Do you run an aftermarket zero clearance insert or miter guide? I agree it's weird....I raise and lower my blade all the time while it's running, never had an issue.
  5. Jfitz

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    Nicely done! That's how I moved mine, on a dolly - out of the garage, about 30' up the back walkway., and then with the help of a friend, we eased it down the 7 steps into my basement. Just took it easy, one person above and one below, and it went like clockwork. Setting it up is a joy. Cleaning the cosmo off....not so much. Enjoy!
  6. Jfitz

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    I don't know if he's considered an 'amateur', but Steve Gass (sastop founder) did put his own hand into a saw to show that it worked. I wont' post the link, but the video is out there.
  7. Jfitz

    I've never done this...

    Sounds like they're good customers. So dye it darker.
  8. Jfitz

    Haunted Jet AFS-1000B Air Filtration System

    Wow, that's wonky. Are any of the items you mention (the AFS, undercabinet lights, and overhead shop lights) on the same circuit breaker? Also....what type of dimmer is it? (brand name). Is it 120V lighting, or low-voltage lighting? I didn't see any of the indicator lights on your AFS come on when it was spinning....so I doubt it's an RF issue causing it to turn on. I'm betting there's a stray current somewhere because something is miswired. Is there any chance that the neutral/ground connections on your dimmer switch are reversed?
  9. Jfitz

    Sad Storry to Share

    Oh my - that's terrible. It does make think about how often I actually unplug it when working on it (It's not 'never', but it is rare). I'll definitely rethink that. This reminds me of what happened to my brother (and is always on my mind when I think of saw accidents) - he was on a jobsite and unplugged the saw. Someone else needed to plug something in, and plugged in the wrong cord. It got his fingers pretty good, and although the recovery went well he still to this day has limited feeling and some grip issues with his hand.
  10. Jfitz

    I love this book

    I'm a Mike P fan - he's very knowledgeable, and I really like his teaching/speaking style.
  11. Jfitz

    First Guild Project Recommendation

    I give a +1 to either the shaker table or the wall hanging cabinet, but if forced to pick one I'd say the shaker table. Iff it doesn't fit in your house (for whatever reason), it can make a great gift. It really does cover a lot of skills, for what seems to be such a simple project. There are others that could make good starters (one sheet bookcase, G&G mirror come to mind) but for the variety of skills, you can't go wrong with the shaker table or whc.
  12. Jfitz

    SawStop Router Table

    You have that backwards.....PCS has the motor door on the left, ICS is on the right. PCS: ICS:
  13. Jfitz

    Harvesting a Nice Black Walnut Tree

    nice haul! Can't wait to hear how it comes out when it dries.
  14. Jfitz

    End Grain Tear Out Terror

    How about changing the direction of the tool - instead of sweeping from the (thick part) to (the tapered end), start at the outside tapered and and sweep towards the center. this way you hopefully always have a thicker part backing up the part you are cutting.
  15. Jfitz

    Router table insert

    +1 for the router bit. place the insert on the table where you want it, and then use double-stick table to stick straight pieces around it, to form a frame. Voila - instant template for routing. Use a pattern bit with a bearing, and a radius the same as the corners of the insert. If you want to add a little gap for ease of inserting/adjusting the insert, put a layer or two of blue tape around the insert it before butting the pieces against it to make the the template. Then, just route away around the inside of the template.