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  1. All good feedback and ideas above. You need to find a way to optimize your truck rentals - rent from a different place, or stock up and get more material in any one trip. Or, you need to get a trailer or something. I did a quick search on the local craigslist and found a number of trailers available for $400 or less.....the harder part would be putting a hitch onto your leased car. To the original question I use either a Yukon XL (fits 4x8 sheets laying flat inside), or a 6x10 utility trailer.
  2. Totally agree! An RichardA's advice about keeping it simple is spot-on. Find something that works for you. I can only relay my experience - I started with wet-dry sandpaper on pieces of plate glass (I seem to recall I went all the way up to 2000 grit, but don't hold me to that). This is also known as the "scary sharp" method (look it up, there are a lot of videos on this). This was a good way for me to get going, somewhat inexpensively, and allow me to work with sharp edges and know what it meant to have a sharp tool. The knock against scary sharp is that long-term the cost of the p
  3. neither do I actually but for some reason I still do...
  4. I tend to disagree but I hope you can prove me wrong. Most of the vintage ones I would want seem to go regularly for over $100.
  5. thanks I get the PSI catalog but usually pay it no mind....guess ill look at it more closely.
  6. That's pretty clever. Nice way to add detail.
  7. Hi all - I want to batch out a bunch of pens using laser-cut inlay 'cancer ribbon' kits I got online. They are for a 27/64" tube, and work with the Woodcraft Wallstreet pen kits...but I would like to know what people think regarding 'quality' pen kits, what to look for, favorites, etc.
  8. That's the plan! Yes, it's a Nova 1624-44 . Nice surprise gift from my wife many years ago.
  9. I had purchased a slow speed grinder and a pair of CBN wheels , but I’ve done so little lathe work recently, they just sat in the corner. They say a good shop project is a good way to get back into the swing of things, so here’s my new grinder setup.
  10. ....to all the moms here, and to all the moms related to those here!
  11. I'm also working from home. For a while, what should have been 5-10min chats became 30-60 zoom meetings. The email load got crazy, and both early-risers (those in work early on normal days) and the night owls all seemed to think others were on their schedules. So - no shop time. It does seem to be moderating some, so Ill try to carve out time from the job and family to do something.
  12. We're definitely getting less mail. I'm ok with that...the amount of junk mail always irks us. We were noticed in early April that our auto insurance would get a 15% credit for the months of April and May. At the rate we're going and how little we're driving (we're getting about 2 weeks to the gallon) I wouldn't be surprised if additional credits are coming.
  13. Well that's gotta be one of the weirdest triggers ever. Will you be getting just a single brake, or 2 so that you have a 'backup'? I'm in year 11 of my Sawstop and I still have the original brake *knock on wood* so no pictures of messed up blades from me