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  1. Jfitz


    i love them i use them all the time on the TS and also the jointer.
  2. Dang!! I cleaned up a few handplanes I scored on eBay....thought I did a good job. Well, a friend and his son came by 3 weeks ago for some help so I moved a few items aside onto a "bench" (plywood top on a metal shelving unit)...including those 2 planes. Didn't think twice about them until I went back down the other night - and saw them all rusted. Dang!!! Oddly, it looked like the rust was from water droplets 'splattered' on them. At first I thought it was just condensation or humidity.....but it really irked me so I looked around. Directly above them were some PVC drain pipes. Quick inspection showed that one of the fittings where a smaller pipe fed into the larger main drain pipe, had a small "leak". I put that in quotes because it actually looks like the joint was never glued to begin with! Chances are it was leaking all this time (pipes installed in 2012), but it was so very minute - so little - so miniscule - that nothing ever revealed the leak, until these particular items were put in just the right spot. Joint fixed - I was able to get enough movement in the pipes to properly clean and glue them - but now I'm faced with having to clean up the planes again. Sorry, I'm not really asking a question or looking for advice. Just a total rant.
  3. Jfitz

    Auriou tools closing?

    you guys are a stitch.....
  4. That stinks. Looks like a very large side (and they do still advertise a narrow side bevel). Return them...maybe an off/bad run of them.
  5. Often, feeding multiple pieces into a planer and butting each one up against the previous one as they go through, eliminates snipe.
  6. Jfitz

    Woodshop footwear

    Well done Amazon....well done....
  7. Drawers are a good start. Also make use of vertical space - i.e. walls. Hang tools or items on wall space where they're organized and easily reachable when needed. Locate them where they might be used most. Saws near where you saw most, planes near your planing area, etc. Hanging tool chests of various types can work well for organization and space efficiency. I'll +1 what Brendon suggested above about sorting through stuff and "storing" the least frequently used items. Don't hammer veneer a lot? Put all that stuff in a bin or something that can either be stored elsewhere, or stored in the shop so it doesn't take a lot of space.
  8. Jfitz

    Rattle can polyurethane

    I suggest you look into a wipe-on varnish finish rather than spray. I am betting you'll be pleased. Many people prefer Arm-r-Seal, but I think Minwax wipe-on (or just regular minwax, thinned with mineral spirits) also looks good.
  9. Jfitz

    Looking at new chisels...

    Congrats ! That's a good sharpening setup....now you just need to get turning.
  10. Jfitz

    DJ20 jointer on CL

    ugh. my thoughts too. Maybe I should have you discuss the merits with my wife (just kidding...she's so supportive of my hobby it borders on the ridiculous...) I guess I'm torn about going from a 6" to an 8" (parallelogram) or looking at the long haul and saving for a 12"...
  11. Jfitz

    DJ20 jointer on CL

    A DJ20 popped up on CL nearby - pretty much on the route I take to work every day. $800, but it's CL so I can always make an offer. I'm thinking get it and then at some point upgrade to a shelix (maybe) and for ~1K have a good parallelogram 8" jointer. Any suggestions on what to look for? Knives can be sharpened but I'll bring some wood to make a test run....and a straightedge to check out the tables. I'd like having a parallelogram system for ease of adjustment...
  12. Jfitz

    Chest of Drawers

    Looking great! good work. How do you like the Q4?
  13. Jfitz

    Planer replaced

    Congrats on the planer! That's a good deal. I have one (but with the shelix)......yes, they're loud and are messy at times, but so are my kids and we keep them around.
  14. Jfitz

    DW735 planer Webster MA

    Not mine.....might be interesting to someone in the area... https://worcester.craigslist.org/tls/d/dewalt-jobsite-planer-dw735/6580859277.html
  15. Jfitz

    New to me No 3

    Might just be the perspective of the photo. It's a little lighter in color than my other planes but it looks about the same size. IT could even be a replacement - and I can always make another one if it's an issue.