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  1. I will say.....this whole thing has me reading a heck of a lot more online content, especially Facebook. This came up on my FB feed, and I'm still laughing - Morgan Freeman, narrating....
  2. We've been mostly isolated for going on 3 weeks now. I think my wife made one trip to the store; we've been outside to exercise (run/bike) but avoiding others. The last time I biked I saw a lot of couples out walking (isolating themselves from all others) and many lone bikers; but did see various construction crews still working. Locally, the police have gotten a little busier (from what I've read) trying to break up groups of people trying to use the local parks and fields. Overall though here in the 'burbs things are pretty similar to what we get when we have a good snowstorm. I'm working from home and the kids are doing remote classes/schoolwork, so we're keeping somewhat busy. In fact, I've not even set foot in my shop since I started the work from home routine - typically I'm in the basement office around 8, and aside from food and bathroom breaks it's 6pm before I even know it.
  3. We have a boat with a head (that's a toilet, to you landlubbers) with an electric macerator. My son was too lazy to look for a new roll so he decided to use paper towels. For a visual, imagine the look on my face when he came out of the head holding a roll of paper towels. I knew exactly what he did. So yes, I was one of those grumpy guys. It was actually a quick repair, but it was exactly what 'nut said - mashed up paper towels were just wrapped around the impeller and mucked up the whole thing.
  4. Jfitz

    Only Festool...

    Yep. Makes you wonder if someone set a recurring event on their calendar, and now it's just done automatically.
  5. I'm not sure what you mean...in relation to what? "QoS" is a term that sometimes means 'quality of service'. in networking, it oftern infers the ability to control bandwidth/speed between different users, usually to ensure preferred users get the most resources. Otherwise...did you mean QSWO ? Quartersawn white oak?
  6. We got en email from my daughter's college indicating thats ince it will be online-instruction for the rest of the spring semester (so far, that's actually working out OK), there will be a prorated refund of room/board.....they just need to figure out the details.
  7. I would say it's easier when the kids are older - speaking from experience. When my kids were younger it was tougher, but now that they're older (high school and college) it's easier. They know to leave me alone, especially if the door is closed; and to double check that I'm not on a phone call before making a lot of noise or asking me something. Certainly it's more difficult when both parents need to work. A friend of mine who works from home a lot told me a story of when he was on a video conf call, and one of his teenagers needed to get something from the room he was in...so the teen thought he'd be clever and crawl along the floor, Mission-impossible like, to avoid the camera. The mission failed, and my friend made it a point to get the teen on the camera, introduce him, ask him a lot of questions...in general, embarrass him. The teen has never interrupted a work call since.
  8. Jfitz

    new remote

    Nice install. I assume this is for your dust collector?
  9. I tried to be obscure.....apparently it worked
  10. Do you have a lathe? Seems feasible to make short dowels of any size.
  11. Hey now, my hands aren't that bad.
  12. A little, but not anything that has us too worried. Schools: - My daughter is home from college - they're off till Wednesday, and then classes will be "online". No cases on campus, but they are being cautious since so many kids just got back from travelling for spring break. - My 2 sons' high school had today off anyways; then just today they made the call to close the school (no classes) next week, after which they'll move to online classes. This is nothing new...they instituted 'online classes' last year as way to handle snow days. it works OK for a day here and there, but no idea how it will be longer term. Again - no cases or suspected cases, but with spring sports starting and kids being kids, they're being cautious. My office has transitioned to work from home for everyone where possible. Honestly, my organization is accustomed to having a lot of people work from home or remote so this is not that serious. This will be for at least the next week officially - but I expect it to be extended. I think the biggest impact is that I'll either gain a ton of weight since it's so easy to snack all day long, or I'll lose weight because of all the times I'm up and down the stairs to my office in the basement. Maybe it'll be a mix....I'll end up with killer legs from having to walk my fat *ss up and down the stairs. The next biggest impact will be on the credit card. We stocked up on everything and could ride out an entire winter of the worst snowstorms ever. It's not that we think things will run out.....we just don't want to have to go out to deal with people. I hope everyone is OK - even without direct medical issues, the churn in events, travel, work and business no doubt will impact everyone.
  13. you can have some of mine if you want
  14. Have you reached out to Freud? https://www.freudtools.com/