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  1. I use the Freud Dial-a-width dado stack (link here ). It doesn't use shims, and has an adjustable center knob that adjusts the width of the dado (thus the name ). It comes with a 'chart' showing which cutters and how many 'clicks' to get specific sizes, but it still takes a few test passes to get the fit you want. It's ok and has served me well.... but I've always wanted to try something like what Chestnut listed above (the kerf maker).....something like that which sizes cuts actually from the size of the cuts themselves, should be pretty dead on all the time. Just take some getting used to...
  2. Jfitz

    New Table Saw

    Congrats. Hope the new one continues to work out for you.
  3. Jfitz

    New Table Saw

    Right up there with "Item is as advertised". Or just "Would buy again".
  4. I second the suggestion about Shannon's Lumber Industry update. He has some great shows on the "life" of a board (where they come from, how it moves through the distribution layers) as well as some commentary on the profitability. It might not be as profitable as you expect, but if you can offer a differentiated product then perhaps there's potential in your area.
  5. Jfitz

    New Table Saw

    Wow.* I'm only just catching up on this thread, and that's about all I can say. The PM brand carries such weight for a lot of people, and although every brand has issues/lemons, seeing it handled like this is pretty eye opening. Although they finally shipped a new saw, it really should not have gone that far. At least equally as amazing is Acme's handling of your reviews. We all know that review censorship happens....still doesn't make it acceptable. Good luck with the new saw! *With some of the guys I work with, "wow" generally means "I cannot f-ing believe (a) you just said that, (b) you just did that, or (c) that just happened.
  6. +1 on the sawstop, and all the comments above. Keep your eye on your local Craigslist to see if you can get into a sawstop thats in your budget. If needed, stretch your budget I just did a quick CL search and there are some available...
  7. Jfitz

    Cordless Chainsaws

    it was somewhat my fault. i had my chipper (gas) and chainsaw (mixed gas) over at a neighbors and someone must have taken the initiative while I was fixing the chipper. shrug.
  8. Jfitz

    Cordless Chainsaws

    Or have a neighbor 'help' and fill it with gas. with straight gas.
  9. I have the same one as gee-dub on my Sawstop, it's from Infinity. I like it - it's mainly used for my regular blades, and I swap old to my 'old' Sawstop inserts when I use a dado stack.
  10. So I’ve been slowly building my “vintage” hand plane collection (old Stanley’s) in addition to my “newer” set (LN and Veritas). Neither collection is expansive - works in progress. I have a (modern) LN router plane but want to add a vintage no 71 Stanley router plane. I’ve been watching on eBay but wanted to ask here if any type of features are truly better to have. For instance there is a type 10 available ( Without adjustable fence) and a type 11 (first type with adjustable fence). I’ve never used the fence on my “modern” router plane but.... is that feature or any other specific feature worth getting in a vintage router plane?
  11. Would have to be the left pinky. The right one is far too useful...
  12. Jfitz

    DW 735 Problem

    I have never seen that - did a few quick searches and could not find anything like it either. I have the 735 and have never noticed a problem with the rollers...
  13. Jfitz

    Used SawStop

    I think benefit - and any inaccessibility is just an implementation issue.....the typical basement exterior access (around here anyways) is the basic bulkhead door and stairs that are rarely user friendly. Some houses have walk-out basements, but obviously you need to have the right piece of land for it. When we renovated I had them replace the "typical" entrance with a doghouse entrance with a nicer set of stairs. I highly recommend it. Back to the original topic ... I'd like to know this as well. I'm with Chestnut on this one - with his 'disassembly' philosophy. I moved my PCS down similar stairs with the help of a friend without disassembly - but it is significantly less weight than an ICS. If I was in your situation, I'd build a cradle around the saw - think of it as a sturdy shipping crate; secure several 2x6's (or some other size) on the stairs running up and down as 'runners', then tip the crate over onto the runners and then use a come-along or winch or something to pull the whole thing up the runners.
  14. Hi Steve - Welcome! Always good to see another local guy join this great community. We spend a lot of time on the Cape, and do a lot of boating around the Islands. Nice looking bench. I hope you share pictures of the sideboard.