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  1. I think their paint issue is someone mixed the paint wrong. It doesn't have the proper adhesion in places. The base cabinet is perfect though. It's just with the paint on the jointer itself. But the only place the paint has come off on mine is there on the back. You should post up some pics of yours, I'm curious what blemishes you might have.
  2. Picture time The only "blemish" I can find Now just need to find some time to dial it in.
  3. Correct, there is no way the average joe is going to pick that bed up alone. Luckily I was able to raise the front of the trailer to the same height of the stand. So I was able to slide the jointer off the trailer and directly onto the stand.
  4. So I was cruising the grizzly site doing a little window shopping and stumbled upon this... http://www.grizzly.com/outlet/8-x-72-Jointer-3-HP-w-Mobile-Base-Polar-Bear-Series-Paint-Blemish/G0656PB Now I've been saving my pennies up to get a 8" jointer, because I don't want to buy a 6" and regret it later. Anyway, so I jumped all over this. So I got it today and spent the afternoon assembling it. Sorry, no assembled pics. Lost track of time and run off to work. I'm not sure what "unique" paint issues they had to discount these because the paint is almost perfect. The only thing I found was on the back of the fence bracket the paint was kind of chipping off. But the base cabinet and everything else looked perfect. I'll get some assembled pictures tomorrow. But if you're one the fence about purchasing one of these, I'd pull the trigger.
  5. Okay...finally got some time with the saw. So here is my take on the makita SP6000K track saw. Overall this a well built saw, it does everything it is so post to do and probably some things I haven't thought of. Here is my set up. There is no chip out/tear out on either side of the cut. There is a little on the bottom side of the cut, but that is it. Here is one task I could of never done without the tracksaw. I'm building a miter saw stand with folding ends and need the back edges to line up perfectly because the fence is going to reference it. So here is how I made sure they were both lined up perfectly. Overall I love the saw. It does wonders at breaking down large sheet goods and I love not having to break the sheet down oversized and then use the table saw to square everything up. The only thing that wasn't up to snuff was the bevel gauge. The only number I trust is 0. Now with that being said. The detents are dead on. If you kick it over to the 45 degree detent, that cut is dead on 45. The bevel gauge reads 43-44 degrees. I haven't tested the 22.5 or -1 detents, but it's on my todo list. But to be honest I didn't buy the saw cut miters/bevels. I bought it to break down large sheet goods squarly and accurately. And it does this task to perfection. Dust collection is out standing. The pictures above were taken right after a cut. It collects 99% of the dust, it's nuts. This thing is night and day compared to my old side winder and straight edge. If you have any specific questions let me know, because I have no previous track saw experience to compare and contrast.
  6. Still haven't had a chance to test the saw out, but this showed up Saturday. At 118" a vertical storage solution is impossible with 8ft ceilings, so for now this will be its home
  7. The saw and track showed up today. Looks to be a nice solid unit, I just had time to unpack it and turn it on. It is alot quiter than I expected. Hoping this weekend I get a chance to use it. The honey do list has painting at the top though, so who knows.
  8. First round of deliveries showed up today. Got some track clamps and miter gauge attachment. The saw itself should be here tomorrow and the 118" track will be here Friday.
  9. I was wondering if anyone would catch that, or say something.
  10. I originally was looking at the Bosch before quickly finding out that its not available here in the US.
  11. It seemed pretty comparable, I'm not looking to buy into a system, and I was able to get the saw plus some accessories for the price of the festool. That and blue is my favorite color.
  12. I know, I know...I hope my guild membership doesn't get revoked.
  13. I finally took the plunge and ordered a track saw. After much debate between taking a sip of the green kool aid or not, I decided to go with the makita SP6000K. Now the waiting game begins. I plan posting some pics and doing a amateur review.
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  15. So I've been looking at getting a lunchbox planer for sometime. I've been torn between the Ridgid and Dewalt models. Everytime I think I know which one I want to get, I go to get it, and they're out of stock. So today I'm walking around HD and decide to go check out the power tool isle (no trip is complete without going down that isle). And what do I see. A ridgid planer that has been "reduced" to $300. Under closer inspection I see that it is reduced because it's an "open" box and used. I figured since the box is open, might as well take it out and look at it. This thing looked almost brand new, checked the blades for nicks and any other damage. My theory is, someone needed to plane a few boards so they bought it, used it for they needed, and returned it. Everything was there and nothing looked wrong with it, so to the register it went. Got it home and all set up. Once I got it blown off and all cleaned up it looked brand spankin' new. Planed some cedar I had laying around. With the 4" dust collection going, this thing ran like a top and left no dust to be found.
  16. Thank you Marc. For taking wood working and making it accessible, and appealing, to the younger masses.
  17. My wife got me a guild membership for Christmas and I have done nothing but watch, read, and listen to wood working for three days. I thought the free site was cool, but the guild site is sheer AWESOMENESS. Now I'm trying to figure out a layout for my garage to fit more tools in there. Oh the insanity...
  18. It's been running like a top for over a year now and I haven't noticed any kind of sag. The way that the "case" (outside shell the unit slides into) is secured to the wall, if the unit moves the wall would have to move or at the very least I would see the trim separate from the wall. The thought of a brace did cross my mind though. Ultimately I thought the unit being attached directly to studs was sufficient.
  19. Here is my router table/cabinet. Pretty sweet setup, use a Bosch router that gets swamped in and out.
  20. I got the router table covered. I'll try to get a pic tomorrow
  21. Thanks guys, the Osborne miter gauge is a beast. I like how the adjustment mechanism works as a triangular support.
  22. I built this table a while back to be an out feed table/work table. It worked great until I placed my table saw on a mobile base, which in essence raised it over an inch. Well the leveling feet would not raise the table high enough to be the same height as the table saw. So when sawing long stock it would tip up and just be an all around inconvenience. So this morning I was out in the garage messing around and decided to solve the problem. Goal - solve my height problem and try to use up some scrap material taking up room. Solution - laminate two pieces of 1/2" mdf making it 1" thick, laminate high pressure laminate to the top, and put a solid wood edge on it. Outcome - 1 1/16" inch thick top on top of the already 3/4" top and routed out miter gauge slots. The added weight of the top made the table much more solid and stable. The top is secured using screws from underneath so if need be it can be replaced down the road. The solid wood border is attached using glue and biscuits. The laminate top makes it nice and slick and the new overhang is great for clamping. All I have left to do is level the saw and the table (ran out of time).
  23. Correct, I'm all set for 240V. I pretty much try to purchase tools that can run on 240V to keep the amps down. They usually cost a little more, but they will run more efficiently and last longer.
  24. Thanks Paul, I got lucky in the fact that the wall in question is on the side of the house where I keep the trash cans and doesn't bother the neighbors. Plus the AC unit is pretty quiet, both inside and outside. I forgot I had a pic of the outside. I trimmed up the outside with cedar and some caulking (caulking was not done at time of this pic)