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  1. Sounds like your plan is right on. Definitely make sure it’s clean. I believe there are recommendations on what to use in the directions. My shop is 24 x 32 outside dimension so about 760 sq. feet inside. I believe the systems come in one and two-gallon sizes. I used one of each and had about a quarter gallon left. I have had zero problems with the chips lifting. As a matter of fact, as I added them as soon as we painted the floor, they seemed to have "settled" into the epoxy. I have had no issues with cleaning and sweeping.
  2. I have used this exact product. Mine was on new concrete. As stated, prep is the key. Since mine was new concrete, I washed only once but after using the etching acid, I had to rinse several times to remove all the acid residue. I had one helper and basically just kept behind him a little ways with the chips and kept a continuous flow going, if this makes sense. I highly recommend using the chips if only for your concern of a big grey bland floor because it does help as it does look ugly without them (in my opinion). We did mine in about 3 hours and I am extremely happy with it. We did
  3. Believe it was the Rustoleum product from Lowes. Its two part mix with the acid cleaner/etch included with the color chips. It takes a lot longer to clean/rinse than to actually paint. Mine was new concrete and it needs to set for a month or two, before applying to allow the moisture to evaporate from the concrete. Randy
  4. Painted my walls and ceiling both white. Both are OSB. The floor is epoxy coated which I highly recommend. The OSB does soak up a lot..and I mean a lot! of paint. I used 15 gallons on mine and it is 24x32 and could of used another coat on the ceiling. Randy